DrupalCon Portland 2013

Diferentes formas de controlar el layout de tus sitios

Brian McMurray, Kris Vanderwater, Kristof De Jaeger, Chris Johnson, Matt Cheney  · 


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alright sweet hello everybody how are you welcome to the final session of day one hope everybody had a good calm so far this is a this is a panel it's called different ways to control your layout this is going to be I guess part funny intro part demo and

then quite a lot of Q&A so hopefully you guys have a lot of questions I have a hashtag set up drupalcon layout it's on the slides hopefully I will be able to collect them here as long as the Wi-Fi stays up so you know layout so something that are near

and dear to all of our hearts here we've all everybody here has been working in Drupal for many many many years on you know over the centuries we've come up with a lot of different approaches for how to you know for how to control the layouts on your

Drupal sites you know hopefully long gone are the days with your your layout all hard coded in page Cpl or no TPL or maybe even something other some other crazy way um but you know the tools that we're going to be talking about here today I would say you

know represent kind of the leading edge of how people have been doing layouts and Drupal over the past probably four or five years you know some are more recent than others but you know panels I believe started back in the Drupal four days context had its

beginnings in Drupal five dis police we triple six you know template field Drupal 7 and then you know we have guys on the panel here to talk about Drupal 8 as well so you know we'll probably cover a little bit of the past and a whole lot of the future

but future you know the choice of layout managers if you if you soak into enough people over time it's something of a religious war you know people get divided into camps and like their layout managers way better than somebody else's and you know the

things that it does that are the quirks that most people hate are the things that other people love so thankfully I'm not really into any particular religion and you know through the relentless badgering of Matt and Sam and Chris you know myself who was

historically in the in the context camp has come over and played in the panel's world you know we've even done crazy things like wrote something called custom page and Drupal 6 which I wouldn't recommend anybody use but you know at least to me

personally I feel like I've built sites in every different layout manager they all have their pluses and their minuses and you know when Munich was approaching at the last Triple Crown we thought it would be a really good idea to get everybody together

who works on these various tools and get him in one place allow people to ask questions let them you know kind of ask and answer each other's questions and kind of see how it goes we thought it was a big success and we said let's do it again for Portland

so here we are so let's do a well before we get into you know be sure to go and evaluate the session hopefully you know you've had a really good time so this is me I'll be the moderator today I won't really be answering many questions but I'll

be asking a lot but hopefully not too many if you guys have plenty of stuff on the foundry one of the founders and CTO of phase 2 i'm going to do things like open publishing open public i've been a maintainer on features and context modules like the

akamai module and like i said i've used almost every layout manager there is i love each of them and i hate you to them and hopefully we'll we'll get into some of the details of that so next is christophe my strips off I'm drupal developer

at minute crowd in Belgium and we probably might know me as multiple dork and also on Twitter and pretty much everywhere everywhere on the internet I am a triple eight more maintainable field API and field UI which is sometimes really hard job but it's

really fun accession to be working with white cap the evening can reveal with API and also delete container of this displays and a slip disc regime by hand hands in this room or Christopher is the Drupal 6 ranch container in this lately and I'm really

grateful for that easier I need to drink a beer with him because he's from Australia I'm from Belgium bet so really this long this is from from each other and we also only talk on my co Twitter or whatever so this late date there are a lot of reasons

why we start writing this likely the three main reasons to display street basically our first of all BTW template so my friend of developing that word they speak fluently and see it as an old dancer but when it comes to be bitchy and especially the way that

Drupal built-in data its kinda part yeah into it and one of things that is I usually the one that happened after template because I knew how people build this data structure and stuff like that and yeah it's trying to get tired boring after one and the

bed works reason really number one they I basically also didn't trust ended with them so their security issues 50 template which hopefully don't go away into the later three so maybe the slices will exist any more of my content developers really like

to wait and then you want to mr. template files again that's a possibility reason I'm with tears maintainability you can't create a lot of simply and especially when inside is life when you have to make some adjustments then you really have to

make sure you open up every template far away you have some kind of data thinking you can change for project or four at the right point sorry and 30 diff CL dy and ripple 60 with CC k it wasn't really that flexible it was crap basically because the only

fig configured to feel eight novels and we also wanted to have control over life say no title or the offer and stuff like that so those are really just three main reasons why are going to slightly together with all my colleagues Oh I'm still on ok I'm

still there I oh hello nope ok what Mike's about like mine Saigon any people cilia okay okay okay we're done no problem so those are the three main why we rode the slightly and I'll be getting in short demo after i'll be all the other ones

haven't introduced himself and i hope we get some questions so thank you so next is Brian McMurray hi everybody I'm Veronica marima software and face too today we tell you a bit about strategy we called single page or single mode layouts combination

of the few modules that we've created one's called template field another cell to be yeah so we tell me when I'll be talking about single note layouts and some of the strategies for the reasons why we came up with these methods some of the reasons

for why I think it's an interesting in a strong selection video quick them actually get a whole lot more about that thursday see next is the math hand Al's to be the solution that helps a lot of Drupal and let's get my whole lot of content words

access rules to do on such a glance and so the google 600 sound during my 30 day we both had a company called Pantheon which is all about football and the idea of yours all the attention on site distribution and it has done great ways to control how do we

answer it's all be done people uses a audience good actually Simon triple six eight sons elite how you lay out the total what most heartful uses slightly modified version next is Chris their stage full of soap boxes so you know these guys are now going

to go through and give you a little bit of a demo of their solution you know as you come up with questions if you want just shoot them out to drupalcon lay out on Twitter and I'll be monitoring that and and we could we could get the questions to the panel

later somebody brought this to me beforehand I forgot to mention it tonight at seven thirty in the coders lounge at the doubletree hotel they're going to do code athan for oklahoma tornado support so that's 7 30 today at the coders lounge in the doubletree

hotel they're going to be trying to get together and organized teams to help create apps to help those that have been victimized so thanks so with that let's get into some of the demos alright so did the screen switch yeah you see a madman bomb range

right now okay great alright so this module and it's a complete model or so you have to download it when you download it you get a set of modules there's a display sheet core module which does most of the have any leverage for layouts and stuff like

that there's the swayze extras that contains all a little kind of little stuff that you enable and disable it depends on a few states and there's also this like you searched for Charlie showing in a couple of minutes and is also a displacing why you

don't have to enable UI UI is mainly for creating you view modes new fields but I suggest doing that that's actually what we do so when you enable the sleigh sweet you go to the main overview page what you get there is an overview of all entities in

your Drupal 7 installation and I guess compared to the other solutions that we have here this place we does not actually do something with your page layout displayed she works on on the entities and we have something that is called humo support a view mode

is something like full full duration of your note and you also have teaser for complete search index search results and we have something else I think it's something like cooking and eating right and you can create your own views july so that's what

you get and it works on every entity that you're enabling in your google 7 installation so what we have here is come to the economy terms users and comments but it also works on the be module it actually also works on field wall panel things and it also

works with entities construction imprints so you don't have to actually write anything just enable volatile that has an entity and you're pretty much good to go so when you actually click on manage display here you go to feel you I feel you is a core

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