DrupalCon Portland 2013

Cómo vender Drupal a tu empresa

Dave Terry, Megan Sanicki, Glenn Hilton, Ben Finklea  · 


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welcome to our our panel this afternoon beaching you're awesome how many do been 50,000 nice just the marketing committee right yes thank you very much for coming out this afternoon to join us for this panel discussion on marketing we hope that this afternoon

will be very beneficial for everybody here and I'm getting a signal here that I'm not being heard very well so I'm just going to turn this towards myself a bit more yeah we'd like to have this very participatory so we prepared some questions

in advance up front that we're going to have the panel discuss and talk about and then we would like to open it up for you folks to fire off any questions you have so through the course of the time together we're going to give you opportunity to either

stand up and ask those questions out loud or also to tweet them we have a hashtag that will be showing you just in a moment that you can tweet those questions out on so my name is Glen Hilton I'm the president CEO of image X were based in Vancouver Canada

and we've been involved in Drupal since 2006 and have been involved in media and development since 2001 today in the discussion we're going to as I said have initial intro of each of our panelists followed by some questions that we've prepared

and then some audience Q&A and some closing thoughts so let's start out and I'd like to introduce you to each of our panelists the first person on our panel is banned Finkley Ben is the founder and CEO of Valachi digital marketing he's the

chair of the Drupal branding committee and he's also the author of Drupal 6 SEO he also has recently introduced a new tool called Automator which you'll be telling us about a little bit more this is a great tool that will enable folks to do online

marketing automation and enables them to do so easier using this tool in Drupal beside ben we have megan's Nicki she's the associate director of the drupal association she works with the board staff and community to find new ways to support and grow

the Drupal community she's been working on developing some revenue programs to fund a lot of these initiatives and she since she started two and a half years ago with the drupal association has increased revenue from 1.7 million to 2.8 million then we

have beside megan is Dave Terry dave is the partner and co-owner of media current based in Atlanta Georgia media current has been involved in Drupal since 2007 and is has been very effective in helping grow the Drupal community in the Atlanta region dave has

been the chair of the Drupal Atlanta users group since 2008 has been the cool organizer of drupalcamp Atlanta since 2009 and of the Drupal business summit in Drupal asourian 2011 Dave's key responsibilities include sales marketing HR recruiting and strategic

partnerships but its key responsibilities to ensure that all of the media current clients have projects that exceed their expectations so that's our panelists and so to start things off I'm going to get us on to our Twitter hashtag here so it's

drupalcon MKE TG drupalcon MTG is our hashtag so feel free to prepare your questions and send them through to us there or also to be at our Q&A time prepared to come up and ask them into the microphone yeah they're out there yep all right so our first

question which we can ask each of the panelists is how are you going about marketing and selling Drupal so who would like to start us off on that one I will Glen great how are y'all doing thanks for being here so it's kind of it's a very broad

question but our primary focus in marketing and selling Drupal as an agency has been to partner with other Drupal firms we made a strategic decision about six years ago to not develop Drupal websites and instead only focus on the marketing of Drupal websites

and that way we were able to partner with many different companies in the Drupal space without being a competitive threat and so that's where we focused focused our efforts is in building those relationships and partnerships and that's where we get

over half of our customers come from referrals from Drupal shops so the drupal association is here to support a community a global community and we have over 900,000 drupal.org profile names and right now in terms of Association membership we have 3,000 members

so we have a really big goal of reaching into the community raising awareness about the drupal association getting more participation in our programs that could range from drupalcon to bind a membership or supporting partner partnership or even participating

in our sprints to upgrade drupal.org and even some of our marketing programs at global training days so we use a lot of community communication to achieve that and so you'll see different you know content strategies around blog posts and email campaigns

trying to do a lot more by working through our channels such as the training companies as well as our hosting companies and really any way we can get the message out to the community yeah so at media current we believe almost entirely in an inbound marketing

strategy in an approach and we believe marketing really starts with effective positioning and the key for us we feel like is positioning ourselves as experts in the marketplace and we feel like experts need to do two things we feel like experts speak and write

a lot about their subject matter so much of our inbound marketing is predicated around generating fresh relevant content it's really a content generation strategy and we implement things like eNewsletters case studies blogging webinars video interviews

with customers in all of that creates a cumulative effect for lead generation which we really believe is the is the lifeblood of any agency like ours and those leads then get turned over into sales one other quick thought a question I've heard before is

if I work at a growing Drupal agency or even if you're a freelancer or smaller boutique firm which should i hire first somebody to focus on marketing or somebody to focus on sales I would highly recommend you focus on marketing initially marketing is going

to help position and align your sales and business development to be successful so if you're having that debate I'm here to tell you that we've seen a really positive impact by hiring marketing first he's been able to generate a ton of content

that is enabled our business development to be more successful excellent thank you very much so then the next question is when we're competing against other shops and sometimes not just other similar-sized shops but some very large proprietary organizations

how do we go up against that competition and how do we win bids against competition that seems over our heads so who would like to take that one yeah so we recently announced last week a really big win the weather com the weather channel is migrating to Jubal

we made that announcement along with Acquia our partner in that deal last week so how does it deal like that come about just to give you guys a little bit of history I think one thing people have a major misconception around is that you know deals like that

get closed in a smoky boardroom you know over a couple of hours a deal like the weather channel is about a one year sale cycle I mean we literally started building awareness to the Weather Channel about a year ago it's a very thorough evaluation process

so it really it starts with a where pneus but I really believe that the key to sales is effectively pre-closing along the way so at media current we have four key criteria as part of that pre-closing the four criteria our budget determining if the organization

has an appropriate budget for what they're trying to do timeline is what they're wanting to do are they looking at it in a realistic timeline third and probably the most important what problems are we trying to solve what are their pain points how

does Drupal align with those problems and forth is are we talking to the right people are we in front of the decision-makers who actually have purchasing decision authority and then what we did with the weather channel is really validating a lot of the perceptions

that they had of open source and Drupal in the first place so we highlighted you know the benefits around cost savings we highlighted the fact of you know how innovative triple was flexibility all of those things and we and took it to the next level because

the weather channel pushed back and said we hear your claims we want to actually see it so we went through a series of demos and proof of concepts with them we engage them in a discovery phase in-depth discovery phase and now we're moving on to the to

the migration so for us that's how a large enterprise deal is one and i think you know it's important to note as well that you know everybody looks at aqua as you know the the large 800-pound gorilla and the aqua in the in the drupal space and in reality

they're there 10 times smaller than sdl tridion they're much smaller than adobe Microsoft SharePoint so this is truly David versus Goliath stuff but as marketers as salespeople that's what we live for right and it's really exciting so anyway

I could talk a lot longer about this but awesome thanks Dave so we got some feedback that just came through on the Twitter channel so Jaden says that we need to liven up this is supposed to be a lively discussion there we go Ben's back to his pushups nice

and havior is wondering if this is being recorded and yes it is so moving on to the next question how do we grow and evangelize Drupal outside of the existing echo chamber so we come to a lot of camps and we sponsor these events and we do really good at promoting

ourselves to ourselves but how do we get outside and really start to make a difference in marketing Drupal in the unavenged world of the CMS right well that's right we have an echo chamber here in the Drupal community and we all know how awesome Drupal

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