DrupalCon Portland 2013

Cómo triunfó el Manchester United gracias a Drupal Commerce

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so welcome to this business and strategy session we're going to introduce a enterprise solution that we both using Drupal the more introduce myself into PK I'm from Manchester so I'm CEO of live link which is a Drupal shop and predominantly where

a marketing agency with a focus on technology and delivering from marketing solutions and marketing automation solutions we use mainly use Drupal local commerce copernica which is a marketing automation and gym and guitar which is analytics currently because

we feel what data is is important not just to deliver rightful a solution also ongoing marketing kind of relevant timely marketing unique the regulator p i'm going to be said i am a base I'm the head of money had socks tools and will give a little

bit on overview we are what we do and Barclays project so we're the international grassroots football division of not United with commercial there are four pillars to that the Academy the foundation charter arm center of excellence in on what we do around

the world and we put amelie delivered to two children ages eight to eighty but we've delivered to drill no younger and two people to 80 years of it we are in jet or a loop on time we are but we call an authentic experience when I said that means that what

we deliver on the field two children of all abilities is essentially the same training practices that matches that refers to even academy good boy every day but we do it in a way but the children have to take part but they feel like everybody draw as to play

might I'm actually employed by nike nike run much needed socks tools as part of a wider long-term merchandising agreement the nike uses my twenties of the school's to karate much night of ground around the world as you ever meet thousands of children

in any part of the world and our programs generally speaking operated with experts partners in territories we have a relatively small team Manchester we do all of the strategy the curriculum and quality control to make sure it's delivered in the right

manner all talked with norm of our own coaches family sent from Manchester do work for us all over the world do these partners exactly party to territorial hours to print a scalability that our small team in our own want to be able to deliver but we have identified

ace with small team that clearly digital opportunity for us to do we reach forum light and in rivaling we found that were both very much like mind getting leader structures and we were trying to pursue we created this project in order to ensure that we had

consistency against all of the different operators we have around the world and hopefully then pants and synergies for everyone's benefit we have about 10 parts around the world in various locations which are coming to a second and then we went into this

very hard each one of those operators and along website with some creep on boat engine some of us engines and some it to walk quickly so degree in isolation we can we say look you know that's not going to benefit everyone leave all this together is not

our main aim you a set of the main site and then now we're rolling out Papa mini-site for to give a sense of where we operate we have full-time operators in India China Singapore and in place and then we have seasonal camps as well in places like Scandinavia

it's all these partners of different goals of different needs when we try to do easy CPS orphan centrally so just to give you an idea with the product description or the impossible task the term that we gave being torn rivaling week eight where we saw

realty pretty consistent to be present to elevate the random mugging artichokie schools it needs a central these problems energy but essentially from its end you need to build and roll up to each individual bauxite with initial product and don't know control

the drive standardization across reporting because we would have got different types of rebirth wonderful project coffee with this will have one single essentially we've got three global size that we need to merge develop demote nonsense the front men

traffic easily and boy I want to do is we said earlier network wants to sell unique product to need a local markets depending on cultural differences the needs of the football in those countries we have different products so you can actually we could write

down that perfect project and I'll doing it our own this consistency and this is Central and hopefully my team century Manchester could increase often called collaboration and support for parts or fear along with more after two terms the requirement just

keep it simple Windley very naughty side note the region I need to be able to be on PC be unexpected multiple charges in court ferenc's responsively because obvious they want you see now and will Barton automation features oh yeah I'm going to contact

me to go for top-notch fantasy 43 for selecting say the way correct amount of oxygen fantastic job for us so I'm going to Hunter PK now to explain homemade sensitive than we wanted actually mainly livened Canada so we started off with with a base rookie

Commerce module I was super modules and be kind of before we embark on our developing this project delivery this project we know commerce really well and we've done many many projects using commerce so drupal commerce became a de facto default solution

because as multi stood the project and its requirements it became obvious them would it really flexible checkout system and and drupal commerce does not really well win with extra pains we needed to validate forms as they were being filled I'm gonna fill

the slides i'm going to show you that the multiple steps to check out and there's a lot of information gathering during that process before the checkout and after the check out so dr. commerce is quite strong it doing that we also used views extensively

and i'll cover some of that later and also the ability to handle many payment I'm so that was also kind of a strong part of what people pumps in together the other idea whether key things were and are using the entity and geography will appear because

of the nature of multi steps and multiple and the data sets we acquired views huge number reports very custom and because views uses fields with custom entities and especially because we're storing their details so the main kind of thing was broken down

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