DrupalCon Portland 2013

Cómo organizar con éxito eventos y meetups de Drupal

Karyn Cassio, Michael Anello, Ashe Dryden, Erik Baldwin, Scott Reynen  · 


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welcome for to the after lunch session yay Mick what don't fall asleep on us don't fall asleep we were thinking about having nap time because we're like you must be tired turn down the lights have a nice few moments but we'll go ahead and have

a presentation instead so this is our panel making Drupal meetups and events rock and we are now going to introduce ourselves and i'm karen casio tech girl geek and i'm not leave like and hearing myself talk right now on IRC facebook pretty much everywhere

twitter sale and this is the rest of my brow i'm a stride i'm a strident pretty much everywhere on the internet i live in madison wisconsin i'm mostly a conference and like larger event organizer i helped with drupalcon chicago i did the midwest

developer summit last year and drupalcamp wisconsin i'm scott ridin I'm from Denver and I organized one of the three meetups in Denver and I also help maintain group stat drupal.org so I that exposes me to a lot of what the other people around the

world they're doing hello I'm Mike anello I'm one of the organizers of the Florida Drupal users group we're kind of unique where we're a pretty big state and we have a lot of individual meetups and different geographic areas of the state

but we also tend to act as one giant group as well which has its challenges so i'm eric baldwin at cloud nine on twitter gladwin everywhere else thanks to this guy misspelling my name I'm originally from Florida we pioneered the Lord Drupal group of

2008 since then my visit partner in the crowd and I have decided to travel around the world to different ripple communities so my home is basically just earth at this point until Mars can have breathable air um and Wi-Fi and that's so important um what

I'm just a digital nomad so Drupal is my life life is ripple I'm actually also from Denver and I do and I um coordinate Drupal ladder meetups I forgot that part of details so we will start talking so why is it super important to talk about this because

it is very important to talk um duple is the computer community that makes it up what um didn't so okay stop being nervous right here that commute the Drupal community what's the biggest saying in Drupal come for the code stay for the community the

community is what you ask anybody why are they here it's awesome code but the community rocks what makes the community it's not just drew pecans if we only got together once a year once every two times aankhen now we're looking at three to four

times a year drew pecans this community would not be strong the strength behind the community is all the code that's going behind the community it's all the meetups that are happening around the world for people to collaborate and talk and how many

communities can you I have a problem with my work let me talk to all my competitors and see how they're doing the same work this is our community and we get like to get together and we like to talk about it and we like to sometimes have beers or sodas

or whatever and we want to talk about how can you make meetups in your area stronger and by virtue of that making your community stronger and our whole community as a whole stronger just add a lot to that the community is also i think come for the code stay

for the community is in many cases a little backwards i think a lot of people the first interaction they have with Drupal is with the community so it's our first chance to it show people how awesome Drupal is by showing them how awesome the community is

also a quick housekeeping notes we've got to say we will have question answers and we want to hear from you guys how you're doing things but we're going to hold those to the end so we're going to talk first and then we're going to move

forward such so just to stay on this for one second you know just how church for most religions you know it's not the building that's the church is the community the people that make it up you know without the community here you know the strength of

the community directly correlates to the strength of the events that you have so if you have a strong community or have strong events and your strong events are going to empower your community to go out and build itself so that's all we're gonna try

to help you do so hopefully many of you or most of you in the room went to our survey and took our survey and we gathered information about Drupal as a whole the triple community as a whole and how meetups working for them with our survey I'll talk about

this so we designed the survey to be super fast I think it's six or seven questions total you know some of the numbers up there we designed it so it didn't have to be answered by organizers we wanted anybody to go and check it out turns out we had

forty-five percent of the people were organizers and as we go through each topic today there's kind of a data point from from that as well but it kind of the reason we wanted to do it because we wanted to be coming from a place of fat saying we know this

but how can we make this better so um I think the survey is still open right now is that right yep so after this talk um if you haven't taken it we definitely encourage you to you know just give us some more data and you know we'll keep this going

yeah we're gonna have we're gonna have the information for you guys so that people can reference back to this come on going so local communities as I was saying I'm microcosm at the larger community who's talking to this well the few girls

in that slide to mask so one of the things that's really important to me as an organizer is that we're making sure that we're including all the people in the community many events and meetups have a harder time attracting diverse people especially

because we tend to know people that are like us so if we're going to other meetups and talking about the fact that we do drupal and you know you should come to this meetup it tends to be bringing in a lot of people that are like us and a sign of a really

healthy community is one that actually reflects the larger community so if you live in an area that has a very large Hispanic population you should expect that the percentage of Hispanic folks that are coming to your meetup will be about the same percentage

and if that's not the case then you need to figure out ways to reach out to that community and kind of figure out how to be more inclusive I think that this is probably the most diverse drupalcon that I've ever seen over the bell past three or four

years I've been very happy to see the amount of diverse the amount of visible diversity that we have so I know that we're doing a much better job of reaching out to a lot of different communities to bring a lot of different kinds of people in but it's

something that we need to focus on a lot more when it comes to our local communities as well so we asked on the survey how diverse the meetup is at what people's meetups are and I was really surprised by these results actually that a lot of people felt

that their meetups reflected the population as a whole right this is relative to your local geographic area correct so we actually I got one data point this morning about drupalcon that it's eighteen percent women this year which is higher than a husband

yeah that's you that's him again again jaan putting on it apparently we need to talk such get us started we're all so attracting attendees how do you get attendees to your two-year meetups there's a lot of different ways and we've gone

through stats we found out people are using it seems like primarily meetup com um its most people note looks like go the next life the notes one this light oh um ji dou GT yeah group statute floor is obviously over primarily I thought I actually remember the

other way around it and meet up comms coming in second and then we actually had one place that's actually doing print ads which was kind of amazing to me i didn't know anyone actually use print anymore then we've got maleness social media and other

i know in denver we try to do we mostly do meetup com and GD l GD 0 and the many of us try to tweet in facebook it to try to keep keep the words going I thought this was kind of surprising that meetup had such a high percentage I mean this is something that

we actually don't do yet in Florida um but you know since I've seen these results you know a few weeks ago it's definitely something we're gonna be starting but the other one with social media it's easy you know for individuals till I tweet

that and meetups happening one thing that we do do in Florida is I actually use HootSuite which has a bunch of kind of cool capability two of them being that you can post to multiple social media sites at once as well as scheduled tweets and posts in advance

so whenever I schedule a meetup in my local area you know i posted on g do and then i go right into HootSuite and I you know I plan out you know three or four tweets you know for the next couple weeks leading the meetup that will automatically go to Twitter

Facebook Google+ and there's somewhere else lichten yes hoot suite you can owl like an office park yeah and the other the other important thing to remember is that your audience doesn't all reside on G do people who were new to this community don't

necessarily know the gto exists there are a lot of people that go to go to meetup com and they'll say I just want a technology meet up I want to meet other technologists that are in my area and you'll get actually a lot of new members that way and

they might only ever come once or twice just because they come and realize it's it's not necessarily for them but it's important to give people kind of the opportunity to come and see if this is a community that they would be interested in if Drupal

is something that they would be interested in so I would really recommend putting the word out in as many different places as possible ask people especially because our community is so dominated by one specific demographic white straight men ask people in

your community that come to your meetups that don't fit in that group to also do things like retweet that because we tend to know people that are more like us you can actually reach a much larger more diverse audience by having as many people participate

in spreading that message as possible right one thing to add about meet up and other tech events you know people go to meet up and search for well html5 one of the things you can do as a community organizer or you know a meetup organizer for Drupal is go to

these other events for other technologies introduce yourself and say hey yeah we utilize this in our CMS and our community so long as you come check out our event you know see how you can get involved and help out you know meetup kind of does that really well

interaction between groups another way of looking at it is when you want to market your event you can mark it basically to two large groups of people people already in the community who you want to tell that the haters and meet up and they're kind of they'll

come regardless they'll see the bat signal and then people outside of the Drupal community who are Drupal curious you know or people who might notice it and just clean now I've heard us I know I definite I didn't make that up so don't give

me credit for that no but people who might be looking for a new content management system or you know people are really into HTML and CSS or you know some one of these parallel technologies that revolves around the web I mean these are people who we want to

invite to our community I'm a big believer that you know I love our local community right now and seeing all the familiar faces that i like seeing fresh faces as they bring fresh ideas a new energy and that's the lifeblood of any community it's

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