DrupalCon Portland 2013

Cómo hacer que los demás valoren tu trabajo en UX

Jakob Persson  · 


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all right let's start local decision on you execute in the fire everyone hear me okay get yourself better i was in the microphone on through the passage right to the way to last strike your suit to show up right so all right we'll take before start

so if topic area seem to the fire it's essentially a lot of criticism that helix comes under due to a lot of misconceptions that exist so my name is jacob one they may know me as no one always one of its founders arrays i'm actually but i'm actually

on buying it sweet which is distributed this will agency and here my contact details so it's a it's a synthetic digital agency this would dispute agency and what do you think separately from other companies and it's something action alright so

you can check out the website whistle so fix you slaughter from state and the log is so i think it's up to post it one of the things are okay with you XX like this calendar like the pure engineer may be certain color and make it pretty yeah right I have

friends called into toys like this week I'm you know they were like yeah what leads to sex occurred you know so it is make photonic crystal Motor Co no that's not the way she did so to understand what is the problem why this is wrong let's go back

to route to why you exist method in first place so I'm going to take some rhythm from physics times for you x so in Europe would have a navigable ryanair maybe heard of it and right now they have tried to the basic bad copper southwest so they actually

achieved but they're dead they're not good in any way including their previous about the head of Flight one principle but that's mostly because to treat their Kevin Correia I'm going to do is when you are released when you actually buy to get

to the website you the option of choosing insurance and there's offices I don't want come on instead you have heated in place of so that both cover me is a country apparently it's a new number of European Union yep code remaining here so an elevator

somewhere in Xbox pain those of you speak Spanish about this is very confusing this is a very much sir we've all accepted oh damn an idiot and I worked which but until you have to question if I was in the elevator and then if so I don't know the subway

man extraction here it is not likely Sweden and first-ever far as many unlike what like maybe we just saw this order now you just press the weight and like to specific to Mike this is what's in everyone OMG sorry these points but thus we know like dished

out the cause you know the things are lined up thank you I've seen as blogging LOL you're my idol it doesn't your brain sees and hears a very famous example from XTC the Venn diagram over what people look for our University website and information

that usually expire like voldemort Scott check an e-commerce for usability absolutes uses it it's actually a big loss of revenue I like double missiles one said like three says four hundred percent I fix immiscibility small fixes and an e-commerce site

if your customers are members online vendors monomer sites then they have a lot of good reason to pay you to do some work so using these are problems you can be resolved just buy the stuff isn't all right of course not I mean no so what is your call it

for me you teaser is a number actresses and methods so in here its order to understand the and stamper user needs a state initiative a requirement design vintage solutions in evaluate us which is dehydrated and I would like to see this number of expression

so in user experience were a number of activities we have image design you civil engineering into actually some with me to architect experience which may say with ease they won't ever come back later this is how I see what would you tease about flip with

a school night what are the diffident this apparently sly Patrick mark mark say the town yoox include HTML xml / Jason so wait do you putting a text i won race for according to enter any information architects which we honestly doubt the reformation architecture

efficiency what all this stuff like it's pretty but i don't it doesn't make me an advisor exactly this company you also see customer service so if you're looking for a job somewhere ask them to draw a Venn diagram of the exposition protocols

and it is complete you're not to open oh I'm doing human-computer interaction there's something else living si tu and chances are this is what looks like your office so that lets play a lot of confusion here so let's let's a fine listen

this thing's here they are the activities the things we do this is it these are sets of tools that we do carry out in your work and then there's the quality stuff you that we achieve that we produce in the products so how do these things relate at

the core we are visible to go so things like efficiency you know East learn digital early and those you trying lead to products having other things like big sport of creativity entertaining and half of motivating so they won great user experience requires

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