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Caso de estudio: Start2Farm.gov, un estudio sobre la información pública

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hooksett getting constant think it's coming everybody my name is Greg lon chay I'm the local track chair for the government education trailer from home so this smaller teacher talks really excited to have a recorder coming over the US Department of

Agriculture and start program thank you very much drupalcon is really really excited oh wow this is starting is a new opportunity and then I could have this delayed reaction of oh my god I'm going to speak with Drupal on earth I'm going to talk about

and we probably up spread apart which I'd love to talk about but normally I talk to farmers and farm educators about it so this is a totally different audience so I hope that what I put together here will be a value to you I thought what I should start

with is introducing myself or more specifically what I do is you see where I'm coming from it's project so I am a librarian and of course we all have specific ideas about librarians or what they do usually get one of two reactions eager to have a librarian

and they keep their eyes glaze over and they just go find something else to do or I'll get really excited and start talking with other wonderful times in the library so I talk to this one gentleman explained out the library and instead oh oh what up he

says one of my first job my friends and I at lunch we're getting these debates over like trivia with movies and historical events and all these and they would bet each other over who got it right who said what after was right or whatever it was and the

way they would settle it vet was they called the library down the street and he's like she knew everything he's a week he always answered our questions notice it perfectly if you guys just know everything and the truth is we don't know everything

but in there just important part we do know where everything is so that's the trick we also know who put it there we know why it's there we know what for Madison we know who's looking for it we know why they're looking for it and how frustrated

they are trying to get to it and we know what format they wanted it so we do have a lot of information to contribute to information my particular backgrounds are working data management knowledge management gently by accident I quite love it sometimes gather

information came from the far corners of the universe I also public service my brain so I have spent many long hours on the references asking for answering questions from people like the guy you call up his library like and I also work in information literacy

so teaching people how to find information also very importantly how to evaluate the information they tried the program i'm going to talk to you about today is really to me very much a library and it's all about gathering information and making sure

it's organized and very important leaders where the public information content making sure it's available to people who need it and I think that really put the whole thing you've got to so start to farm and this is our Gordon global it is part

of a larger program within the US agency has State Department of Agriculture called the beginning farmer and rancher development program which we call the authorities if I say that I was tried very careful about the alphabet soup since I worked for the government

I want to make sure I don't lose anybody but getting far right of development program and was set up by Congress actually an administered through the USDA to help create more farmers when I did the first presentation for my co-workers the kinda just said

oh we need more farmers and their goddesses Rose you have to explain so so here's the situation farmers are getting older and Michael no problem everyone is farmers are getting older but no younger new farmers or replacing so we're actually losing

our power so why do we need your farmers well there's lots and lots of reasons for that really quickly one of economic so farms are businesses they contribute to the economy locally international economy there's also secure an issue so it's food

so let's take for example fresh produce most of our fresh produce is either going for overseas or it's just produced in very specific regions of the country if there is a social or natural disaster and these areas were cut off from our food supply

and there's guides the classic route of it drives availability down and this especially affects people on fixed income and society we're seeing is starting to slip down the economic scale it has becomes a bigger bigger problem we need food of an available

at speed security and blast well I'm going to talk about it was many many more social so the last eight years a lot of people been very interested in where their food comes from big thing right now and it's very exciting what they slide was there an

introduction of farmers markets and people actually being able to go out and meet farmers that they're eating healthier so they also are going out to these places and be more active so there's a lot of benefits and i'm going to cover here i think

i spent a whole session just talking about lighting evening farmers but before I move on to the next slide are actually work on a little bit about our program again is we have a partner which is the American Farm Bureau Federation that's part of our program

requirement but we have an unofficial poker and they're all here in the front row so this is our web developers who designed and developed right sweetie media or local kids that I want to point out that our unofficial partner but definitely the reason

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