DrupalCon Portland 2013

Caso de estudio sobre UX y Drupal

Michael Keara, Thomas Svenson  · 


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only actually 14 now Jason is this it well thank you so much fortunately tomorrow's to figure this is the session of ux case love and hate in the issue to issue queue garden actually the first thing i want to do is change the title so because having done

the work of thinking about this stuff going through what is it terms exactly the garden didn't seem quite big enough so we kind of expanded we came up with this new title living and working in issue queue city and it just runs itself to more articles which

i want to fully exploit so first thing is introduction to me and thomas okay well you know that Thomas was nice Whitney couldn't leave it is too far away so i'm going to introduce him anyway he sends his love so it can't be there in person but

in there in spirit mr. Vyas he's also here in mind because i've got his thoughts and some of his words in video recording here in the powerpoint so we've done our best to get in here in a virtual way so Thomas is a site builder passionate about

open source especially Drupal and he's also an experienced actors go up the eleventh hour when it comes to issues and so on we have some very good conversations together misses the kinds of projects we do so his words that he wants to share with you are

it's the whole user experience that matters not isolated feature with details which makes sense it's we don't get lost in the things we want to think about what is the entire experience about now this isn't this is the procession of we used

to be in the you extract and reversible places but in thinking about it more and think about what could be done this we decided we better let's try because we actually want to talk about community us so kind of choosing the two things together so that's

what we're saying it's acute community so to rephrase what promised us that is the community you excellent mine mike and kira also known as user advocate on twitter and user space advocate on drupal i'm at you extra tests and a developer i've

been working with our usability user interface stuff and developing for over 20 years i used to do things in the graphics areas through design and build graphics applications I've done UX design for call center management systems for real-time network

monitoring systems lots of different things and I've been sort of taking it slow arc or went on somewhere around to Drupal and so try to bring all those kinds of things into this kind of contest yes that's what I'm trying to fit bring into the

Drupal context so my phrase of the day is I learned quickly eventually and what I mean by that is that i like to postpone that and the leading that I know something postponed as long as possible because that extra space allows me to ask more questions to let

more information get more facts about things and not jump to conclusion and most of all avoid assumptions because their skills problem solving so if this to use an urban transport metaphor in the issue cube City if that Street car was the issue queue I would

be the guy on the budget I'm not really in the issues you I don't really do much so you might ask why the heck am i speaking about today and it's because I think it's still valuable to have an outside in perspective especially looking at in

terms of user experience because everybody starts in the other side so I cherished my issue to virginity and when I wanted to do things that I see me she do that I don't understand that to me is valid information so I want to use that but in the meantime

of course we've got Thomas Luiz on the inside so the fact that we can collaborate means that we get the best of both worlds i think so outside introspective is valuable I think now these three cars they tend to run in tracks and tracks to me of really

great metaphor for assumptions because they guide you they instead of taking same place and it's hard to get out of them so when you're riding a bicycle without a sweet guy there Calvin don't get caught inside those tracks and go find same way

while i'm doing an analysis the situation i don't think it caught in salon distinctions and end up going down the path that isn't to a solution I have to stay hot summit to get to a solution so I need to avoid those assumptions so what I do to

avoid the sanctions is just simply asked lots of questions and I reserve the right to ask stupid questions because those the ones that really dig up assumptions and sometimes I Drive Thomas Mac with my stupid questions and if you follow the tracks you end

up where they go and not let's go to a place that you want to be so staying on the outside allows me to drink outside the tracks and think of where we can go in terms of solutions so that's just my technique that I'm training with you there no

this is me trying to get the right strategy into the issue to you haven't found a way yet the moment of insight hasn't happened yet i speaking to the bowler about this remember at lunch time is there a place for this kind of conversation before I haven't

seen it either so I know that's the problem I think they need something like that in their community and tell you speak more rapid made it so there's Thomas on the inside taking away and he's been around inside the issue queue for a while you know

making comments for digging around and planting seeds of complication is blossoming ideas and I've been listened to him a lot lately talking about these things don't know his experiences doing that so I'm kind of the game on the outside there with

a clipboard observing Thomas writing things down and most of them because he speaks so articulate about these these things I don't have to do a lot of work I can just simply record it and presented here for you that's what i'm going to do but i

also have my own ideas about your anabelle project as well which are also chipped in as if you extremity so why the why review the issue queue that's the first fundamental question is worth asking I'm going to let Carlos answer that first i think is

magic i think what you do in the community is magic it's so another way to i would put it is it it is where things happen it is about where the brain drupal this so I see it as the eye peeled issue queue is he like you so I want to boost the Drupal IQ

that's why we're having this is this presentation here this is very this discussion so what we want to do is basically hold up a mirror to the community and say we want to draw your attention to these things that's what we're doing to this

presentation however it's a moving target and just 12 days ago this was announced by the total Association and it is post about massive changes to the issue rate in the issue team so first we thought that was going to be a problem that oh my god we've

done all this research and all these ideas and now it's all blown away I almost canceled my plane ticket but we looked at it Thomas looked at it you know quite a bit and said know what we're saying here is still going so just going into the past a

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