DrupalCon Portland 2013

Caso de estudio sobre los sistemas de aprendizaje colaborativos creados con Drupal

Avram Sand, Fabian Franz  · 


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hello so did everyone had a good morning everyone had a great breakfast breakfast no breakfast okay okay yeah welcome very much to our session collaborative learning systems and Drupal a case study I hope you'll have some fun and even though for some it

might be still a little early for some from other time zones it might be freaking late because you're coming from all over the world I assume i'm from germany so um when it came from the from the flight i was like oh what's the time though but

anyway we're here and i hope you enjoy our session and i'll give to a frame for the first part thank you baby and i still you mentioned I'm Avram I helped build this site is a project manager at jalan along the way of all the other fine folks there

especially fabian of course yeah um when we did this project together with psi and what peers eyes you'll learn in just a second I had me I was the tech lead on the project so I devised kind of the architecture and everything houses will work and which

Drupal modules to use and today we hope to share some of that wisdom was you but before we get started let's just make sure we're all in the right place yeah make sure nobody you wandered in here or it's going to get really bored this is as we

mentioned collaborative learning systems in Drupal okay study and we're going to talk about how we built a really great learning management site that was social collaborative and rewarding using some very common Drupal modules and of course a bit of glue

so this session is for you if you're an education professional maybe you work at a university or with the University at a school you want to build some online courses in Drupal maybe you're a nonprofit organization or just a private individual who

is really interested in learning management systems if that's the case you're in the right place if you're a beginner this session is also for you we're not going to be assuming any advanced Drupal knowledge and in fact we're going to be

introducing some very common Drupal modules that will probably be very useful to you in all sorts of other Drupal projects as well so if what I've said Fitzhugh that's great you're in the right place if not now's your chance to flee will turn

around close our eyes no hard feelings everyone's day yeah okay glad you made the choice to stay I hope you don't regret it so we want to introduce our partner first on this project which was population Services International also known as psi they're

a global health organization that uses marketing skills and techniques to help improve the health of people in the developing world focusing specifically on HIV malaria tuberculosis and family planning among other health challenges so the learning and performance

department at PSI and they were our partner during this initiative and they helped shape the vision around learning for this project they've warned they've won a number of awards related to online learning in the past so they were really the ideal

partner to put together a learning management system with some great other features on top so what were we to do here our goal was to build an LMS to teach marketing skills to teams based all around the world that they then used to teach health skills and

a moment wait wait wait wait not so fast not too fast and first of all I would like to know and that was probably the first question I asked myself when we got this project and saw the project brief what the heck is an LMS so what is this lms saying and can

it cook yeah well thanks for pointing that out Fabian you're right we never said what an LMS is and if you've been sitting here for the past five minutes listening to us talk and had no idea what we were saying thank you for your patience but we should

probably tell you what an LMS is lms stands for a learning management system and it's a way that you can organize and deliver online courses or other online learning modules to users throughout the web so lms is are really taking off right now we have

here a number of the Giants in the LMS space particularly around MOOCs or massive open online courses you can see some of the big ones like Udacity Coursera Khan Academy and some of these are actually right now partnering with some of the most prestigious

universities in the country so LMS is our big so back to our task building an LMS to teach marketable skills to teams based around the world got it but what else sorry not functioning so the other part making it social collaborative and rewarding so I know

what you're all thinking right now those are some really nice buzz words so let's move on and you'll learn a little bit about what we mean by these terms so to make it social what we want to do is we want to have first of all we want the possibility

for users to interact and for that we introduce chat now everyone will say we'll chat okay I facebook after stead at the bottom with innovation there that's something I can get from everywhere it just a module to install so what we did we took chatted

little further what we implement is we made it possible for the chat to integrate it within peer groups that means that learners they were learning on the system could combine together and you could always call your mentor chat with your mentor you can always

chat with your peers in this learning group and with that the chat became something much more than just being able to have some some buddies and friends you can chat with but it helped the interactive learning experience and there the other thing is that too

fast no problem the other thing was that really these peer groups should be locally based so with peers I they have lots of local groups like country groups and so group should be grouped on this geographic areas and within this great geographic areas you

had one who is your kind of country representative and you have other people that are learning together with in this country and there was making the experience lasts that you were kind of just taking a curse here but that you were also learning together on

a curse and that was very important so the next thing here was to collaborate and oh and didn't we want to throw it it slide um no collaboration obviously should not be like that that you're saying well that'sthat's all their fault um I didn't

do that there was the other one but it should be exiting exact opposite of course it should be you're working together you're learning together and you're making a great thing together and for PSI specifically that mean that the curse was kind

of giving you something where you work together on a work document that means you were learning how to build that work document then you were learning how to do that work document better which is called creative briefly come to that little later in more detail

and then you had to actually create a work document and for that PS i was trying to be able that users could work together on that and collaborate together on that so one person in the peer group was kind of starting this creative brief and another one was

able to comment on it and just say hey this is great or i think i would write this a little different and so I'm really these country teams were making things much better in that and this especially made it possible for the verdict work document to receive

several rounds of feedback so that Willie you were first working with your peers then you're putting it to your mentor getting feedback again then it's going to the country representative and if he is okay with it then it gets published and now this

marketing brief is really used so it's not just done for the sake of doing it but it's something that's a nice work product and that's kind of the next thing that we have here and that is it's very rewarding if you work on something that

then actually used and not that you're kind of doing this course and you are like well let's calculate one plus one okay it's too i learnt that and now i do this in that etc so um we even had fun when we ourselves kind of tried to system because

was kind of like yeah I've progressed through this and this was really yeah so there was one part of the fun the other part what part of the fun would be the gamification so who've you know what gamification is Oh quite a lot cool for the other ones

of you gamification is and I'm explaining it from a little different standpoint you have this game have you played games yet okay almost everyone so and then they are those games and you're like having your having a certain Health's level and you're

a magician and you are like fighting your way through the dungeon and then you've beaten the end pause and it says level up you've progressed you are now a master magician and on the other hand you have those games where you're playing Super Mario

or whatever and you're just getting the score and it's just going up and up and up and you're like yeah I new high score and gamification is wanting to bring this into into the into the world of collaborative learning so what we had here was um

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