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No existen malos clientes sino malos jefes de proyecto

Dagmar Muth  · 


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nice hmm that's dark welcome to my presentation for the claim and narrative leg clients twist by project mahindra is to talk about the client relationship management my name is that are our natural is Larissa and I working and amazing lives as no fortune

in an injured and i am happy interface between develop friend and a client at design any time so i think we have one principle in my work it's a every behavior has a positive intention so I also ask you that clients have a positive intention with what

they do i do not always really what they say in what they do for example and recently ignite cells in five days before launch oh I want to happen I eeh optimizing for my website and I do so I don't get frustrated or angry about it but I seaboards the challenge

to form a close relationship the working relationship with mind and I feel that I responsible to bring him where I want him to be because I have higher knowledge and experience about what project and fly so sometimes you need to be a sometimes you need to

be maybe like a psychologist so you have to be very sensitive and you you also have to be explaining very well so sometimes you also have to be like a teacher and you have to be a role model to be able to to stand for your principles and also geography convincing

and resisting because so much as a morning yeah okay yes you have to be Christmas thing sometimes so you start off and I project myself on you don't really know and this person doesn't trust in you so you have to build up the trust and if you get more

trust you have also more more ways to convince the person so and but we don't want to be in psychologists all the time that's not our main focus and that's not our job so we want to focus on delivering very good lateral check so I project start

and you should all do it strange if someone had a nice table traditional Ichiro might want the same yeah messy like the other yeah what can I do Thank You together okay sorry where we also want to pitch we also want to have a fish all the time so we have you

wanna choose wisely the time and the question we want to work so what we do is a trial assessment and for this line is has money matrix so you see on the top does the project volume so what we rather one is deep project and is me also that the risk is higher

yeah and that eventually is over the time you don't like you have to work longer together so the basis if all the three pillars are on the high end stand so that the surface is going to be the biggest and Alan yeah so on the bottom what left to see the

kept on the nature of the capacity of the product orders and handle the project um yeah we wanna we have experience that we have two types of product owners we like to work together with one is someone that is rather a hands-on and then let us as a web expert

take a lot of decisions so that it's also okay this person doesn't have a deep understanding of the web and web projects and project management methodologies then we have other ways of clients um well I mean the experience is really high of a project

they're used to do that it's not that first one so that also a good way to work together and but something in between is sometimes hard if you have person that wants to have a big say in the watch life has no experiences you're going to have a

lot of those classrooms and what you can do in these cases is you have you increase maybe your estimations on project management for this project so then we want to have also a single point of contact if you talked with several people within one project it's

really you have a lot of work to do and sometimes these decisions are not consistent or the client is not informed about their internal decision-making so sometimes getting into problem so when we always ask for us we want to do the project with one a single

point of contact and you have to find out if this person and can take decisions I don't know if you have this experience as well that we were doing this great project and must be nice working together with this project owner and when we were almost finished

when their work towards testable it was the meeting with the CEO coming up and suddenly the person came back to the list a long list of change breaths Oh God so you have to make sure that the product owner you're working with can take the decisions and

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