DrupalCamp Viena 2013

Las principales novedades no técnicas de Drupal 8

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we have to record video is live okay newest tweet tweety now so drupalcamp pn and north-west live session Phillip if you look in Twitter I just tweeted the youtube link um and I think right let's go have a look at what that is and then I think that that

might have the Q&A tab in it as well not that I want to answer any bloody questions but yeah all right that's working no I don't really sweet Abdul it bill to join from say yeah ah thanks it works manchester's there ah whoops it's a morales

felan so oh um as comped mean distance not find the Devon camp off and zagging feel until fan could use good as me use a fine bunt a screwdriver to that sucks Oh Philip can you hear me not everybody who's got a thing that can tweet on my Twitter stream

i just posted the youtube link to the live session maybe you could spread the word y'all do that with hash too I will do that with the hashtag let's see that would be DC and CC MW yeah okay we wonder Nexus I did unbelievable it's my Christmas shopping

a thousand people know about hey Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip my little one this is showing people that think that's always happy ask there's no more open spaces whoo that's aa little ass face probably the backs of any point Americans you something

going to do it's a deep out of it so yeah there's a bulletin up that's deep level notice boxes thank you we have to chill much of this one okay i just lost the story will spin back anywhere should we did a full screen you know I'm sorry evil

hey no one day off the point five ok Philip Philip said oh Jesus alright whatever all right but I'm Jason bet you're just let john wheeler yes I Manchester oh there's a lot of people there yes you can buy house this big in the demos you got my

dog thing I don't know I guess it was nine men says you should come and say hi Elsa um I didn't must be so so it seems like we're bubble tea on it too and uh yeah so hello Manchester from tropical moisture can you also hear this Mike yeah oh yes

they def definitely hear things there will be an introduction there will be an out production of this final closing note by Jeffrey chamak choirs and looks like you still busy setting it up but we are getting started big so yep so oh here we go okay so technical

checks now you can see me and then I'm going to do a presentation and Manchester please tell me if you see a slide now Manchester are you there so we're off to a very good start here uh yeah uh right and there's that as well and then I have my

notes okay uh-huh so Manchester people can you hear me all right and did you see my slide before no okay right hold on start screen share lost um lost my pointer but otherwise so what do you see now Manchester very good thank you now does anybody know a pet

so I've lost my pointer on my um like yeah so what's the likes of way but yeah you just charlie don't have a partner there we go oh alright hold on haha so um right okay almost there okay Manchester are we good to go now you see slides oh this

is really challenging okay all right I don't know what to do hold on everybody stay cool so did you see slides now when I was uh showing slides and and could you hear me when I was when I when you could see the slides as well yes so I'm going to get

started right good um so um drupalcamp Manchester you invited me to speak this year and I'm sorry but these clever people these cover people in the content Manchester thank you for inviting me this year to speak um unfortunately these clever people in

Vienna asked me about a week ahead of time and I was very happy to keep that promise I would love to come next time you do an event it's been too long since I've been up there listen so drupalcamp manchester meet drupalcamp vienna way so there were

about 300 of us here this weekend and we've had two days of sessions i think we had 40 sessions and there's going to be several more days of sprinting and it's been pretty amazing so i am the original concept for this so this is the closing session

for Vienna and then we're off to have ears but I know that you guys have got another day of camp so you'll be going to bed early tonight as one does it drupalcamp and I'm not going to be on the cam anymore I'm going to show my slides now so

that everybody can see them I guess if if there's a technical problem try yelling and then we'll see if we can fix it along the way this is a sort of a first-time experiment for everyone here right then keynote okay so um I can't hear Manchester

I'm really hoping they can hear me and I've got paper notes here because I can't use the slides like I usually do drupal 8 for the win here in at this drupalcamp we've had a lot of we've got a lot of really amazing contributors a lot of

really great sessions and if you've had the chance to be to every session that was here you could have learned about twig you could have learned about all sorts of other things that have gone into Drupal 8 but I bet that you know not everyone got to every

session here and I would like to just give a sort of an overview of what's going on in Drupal 8 what we have to look forward to and also give a couple of pointers on what you could be looking for where you could find more information I have to say that

the origin of these slides I'm just checking that this is not Manchester tweeting at me that we can't hear you damn it so Manchester can you still hear me I'm very paranoid about this Manchester Oh terrible okay yes okay good night aha oh dear

oh that's a very bad sign uh let's let's try our best and if this doesn't work out technically then we'll have to figure out how to do better next time I'm hoping that everyone can hear me now it's I think that's gonna be half

the presentation is can you hear me now can you hear me now can you hear me now haha the original version of the original um Angie Byron was kind enough do give me a set of slides that she's been using to talk about Drupal 8 ah so the majority of the material

is originally from her and she very generously shared it with me to help me prepare this um who hasn't heard of ng Byron so Angie Byron is web chick webb chick is one of the most important significant contributors to Drupal she now works for aquia as the

director of community development and she's one of the people at aqua who simply made to work on course she works directly with peace and she was on the cover of the last paper edition the linux linux magazine she's an incredible person and yeah really

I'm very very proud to have her as a colleague actually and we're lucky as a project to have someone like her helping us out so this is what we're going to be having a look at today what is Drupal what it what's new in Drupal 8 or 4 different

target audiences and when can I use it um and what is Drupal is maybe just an idea a couple of ideas to help you talk about Drupal with other people so what is Drupal Drupal is basically three things it's a content management system you manage content

you manage access to it um and you manage how it created it's a content management framework and this is where it gets a little more confusing we have all these components that we can put together to make applications and products that do a lot more than

are you know just be a simple website so um it's also a kind of a a box of Lego's to build mmm amazing other things and what's most important to me is that Drupal is it as a global community of amazing smart people add you know motivated changing

the world and trying to do good and help each other out wherever we can so this is going to be amazing right so we have a saying in Drupal there's probably a module for that in fact you know there's there is always a model for that if there's not

a module there's not a module for that there's probably an API for that um and I'm quoting Angie now unlike other CMS's where you choose from 14 photo gallery plugins to find the one that sucks the least in Drupal you build another gallery

you want by snapping together focused components that each do one part all through the UI no code needed so um you know one of the nice things about Drupal through its evolution and in the last couple of versions is that for people who just want to get on

with building their websites and their applications less and less coding is required to get Drupal to do amazing complex and interesting things so we have point-and-click creation of data models of content and you know eighty percent of a site or or maybe

more depending on its complexity can build without can be built without ever coding I was talking about this in the opening session here in Vienna but depending on how you slice it and dice it Drupal is powering maybe something like two percent of the web

more than 1700 people have contributed to Drupal 8 so far away which is amazing we have more than 20,000 modules about seven and seven and a half thousand of which are compatible with Drupal 7 the current major version we hit a million users in our community

on drupal.org a few weeks ago it's perfectly clear to everyone here that there aren't a million active people all you know doing this every day but we've got more more than a million registrations in the website and we have more than a hundred

thousand people being active in some way on drupal.org we also have something like twenty six twenty eight thousand active contributors to the project drupal's doing a lot of amazing things like um you know every single Warner Brothers artist is hosted

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