DrupalCamp Viena 2013

La importancia de que los proyectos se centren en pocos objetivos

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how's the body and come to super campaign now at a to bf uh yeah again program before you had a lot of sessions during the day of course we have also off don't miss the post and a couple of diagnostic posts todavia guess and yes also according out

you can see to cater get some work done and so young maybe you can just the sand or maybe okay in the middle of the seats because you think that people coming in during the session and it would be nice if they'd have some place to sit down so that's

all the fragments may be that there's not Spotts shift nice what's that so little bit nice nice sauce you should go left right okay right all right so what comes about my side excuse me for my eyes but I've been talking about people last night

I really was enjoying meeting so many people of you really glad to have people from all over Europe and income attending this conference and so yesterday's keynote by Jerry Maguire was about collecting all the lines from within scientific community we

are connecting with outside of PHP open source communities and today I'm really excited to recite you toggle Nolan from the gospel checked we like how how can we invite him to speak at its conference um so with the Drupal project growing there come lots

of challenges it's really interesting how many people gather together you can pretty much travel around the globe and whichever city you go to you will find some bad if you're working with open source and specifically with the cooper project for laney

but that also brings us some challenges and the challenges but I see certainly are of how can we scale or corruption and there's other things that talks about England's more corn we need court I think we're really successful at the moment and this

is what we also can see by the size of conferences and Cooper camps on but I think it's always necessary for us to look outside and see what other people are doing and how they are successful at I can't wishing them project using open source um I'm

also making successful business with those projects um so it's always about learning from others um two puppies sometimes going easy way and it's also sometimes going to hard way um and that's that's maybe very abstract right now but I think

um focus is is a pretty good topic that we should talk about even more so ladies and gentlemen with this introduction please let's welcome together channel Nolan thank you for coming okay think it worked so closely good morning so nice to see so many of

you I didn't really feel that way less than half of this after the party last night some it was fun I seen a couple people come in like my cooking one had crossed up Ellen drupal why but it was good a lot about Drupal last night I'm a Drupal beginning

a kind of iced use Drupal when it was four maybe five a long time ago when I first fell silent in web development and I tried it and it's like many people the lenny powers a little bit to sting from white person season but it's you come a very long

way since then and so am I so that's what I would tell you a little bit about today and so for context my name is drama no way Twitter handles on screen right now case you want to sweep me so tell me how well i am at any point trying to protect its and

to give you a bit of context about what I do I come from I a web designer for about every 10 years at moment I travel and work unless some people do taneously kind of non-stop basis so I go from place to place working and I used to be with clients with customers

and like many of you hit it and these days it's more my own stuff and so I'm until recently so about a year ago I this one of the core contributors to WordPress so I cover my parents from a baby background pretty close to to dribble and now i'm

working on new protocol ghost and play a little bit more about this ahead but the main point of this talk and what I hope I pray to you is not to tell you how good my characters but to just relax and lessons that we've learned hard way but I think can

apply to any project including describe like this which I think one of the most important and probably want the most critically missing parts of open source that's sitting between open source going mainstream really is the lack of this i'm going to

try and tell you why so first of all what is focus you can think of it as inbox zero you can think of it as a cameras focus if you think of as a lot of stuff and this context I'm talking about focus realistically as the art and science of saying them which

is something we don't do enough up but before you get into that and there are two things I want to talk about and the first is the beauty of open source and that's this amazing paradigm that we've always yes and so that's how about something

like this in the 1960s we had this idea of software development this is how it works you have a company which is an office building you put a bunch of happy little green developers inside it you give them some food and occasionally a little bit of money and

entropy ok trying out application laser and then you cooperate the out of the application you sell it to as many people as you can you get a hole in a plane and you get on with the developers and the whole cycle repeats as I things started out we're pretty

happy with that that works and this is crazy hippie dude came along and was like well maybe we could do that differently how about we take away the office we don't make people work in a corporation and we get rid of this weird copyright thing and we actually

do something that would eventually evolve into open source in a group and we found another word Arab Ravens SI the cathedral and the bizarre prefers this insight into the open source community and the others as well that really meant development didn't

just actually locked down to this traditional model of a company or corporation so this point where this amazing open source thing was just working I'm going to accompany more like Albany amare ridiculous so the entire web is built on open source which

is pretty cool if you think about it but the weird thing is like how is the most important invention of our generation of this decade of the century arguably in history of wealth how is the most important invention of all those erectus powered by open source

all these things and most people have no idea the analysis how did that happen something has to go wrong somewhere that that happened it seems a little bit weird hence this is where we get into what i lovingly refer to as the curse of open source because

while we were first looking this development model and our software is created in a real production license and what we have a look that really is the decision making and that's really interesting when you start comparing a company to an open-source pregnant

so a company like we said traditionally has this office and has developers inside it but it also has external factors which are customers and probably sell vectors for both internal and external factors is everybody has an opinion and people love their opinions

if you will have elements on the inside same as rewrite this pigeon raley's relatives and people on the outside saying a lot of features evening features I don't care if it's for us to make a pink and all of these requests and opinions and things

have to be managed something up and in a company structure they have this pretty cool thing called business model which comes in really really angry when you need to hoping to do something that's not the vellum so they have a single point which the person

they can centralize all of their requests through this person and at any given point in time all the requests Costa person who can then say that which is really useful tradition we call this person a designer sometimes a product manager either way someone

who's not a development and that creates a very funny decision-making cycle which needs by obvious until you prepared to the open-source alternative where we have a shift from people all over the world customs all over the world the decision entry with

something like this and when it comes time to actually do something there's not a lot of people say no because everybody has opinions and everybody has their idea about what should work best and it gets pretty confused so we're a traditional software

development company given any brief to produce a products won't come up with something like this and open source projects give them very same roof and st. resources might come up with something like this everybody knows where the ford focuses a lot of

people know what an MIT land rover lr3 autonomous vehicle entered into the dark 2 million dollar grand prize challenges and yet we look at anything probably for all the wrong reasons we still look at this and think I know you're saying it's wrong covers

everyone and yet it's as cold as it is the mainstream it's the pod focus so why is it so hard for consumers to focus why is it it's so easy for us to create amazing products but so hard for us to create mainstream widely not surprised I think there's

a lot of reasons not least of which that is imminent threat of someone saying well I'll fork at them but one of the biggest is probably that when you say no everyone will disagree with you evil you're right and this isn't the case of when you say

no if someone might disagree with you when you say no people will disagree with you repeatedly vehemently and the sometimes by a resident when you say no stuff people don't like it and we've experienced this ourselves I'm sure within the Drupal

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