DrupalCamp Viena 2013

Gestionando sitios Drupal multilingües

Michael Schmid, Christophe Galli  · 


Extracto de la transcripción automática del vídeo realizada por YouTube.

yeah okay um so as I maybe know you from Switzerland then we have pretty special situation languages so first question is why do we actually need translation management let's play benefits in Switzerland when you drive let's say at least one hour you're

in another country or / iya a part of Switzerland we actually need to speak another language so we had four official languages actually more than five in which is not one of my noble people into the English so every side would be build is mostly at least in

three languages sometimes all that's high and interval we have eternity through-ball translated of it which means like in which the sense you can translate the web site in another language and I would say it's 102 second so when we build websites their

tools out there their country modules they're all different ways to translate the website one percent from 19 ish product and honestly that's really really cool so a lot of people written this there's a lot of time there it's something that's

really hard I hope and we try to make things better so if you attended the police mostly on station always see that a lot of things change but today it is possible and say oh now a consolation i ended up and 500 knots the problem is to bowl itself does not

provide you with any overview of the system like you cannot see and which languages are currently or which notes are you translate english language they're basically only list so you don't have any management possibilities of languages there's

no way that you can go to your site builders and say give me all nodes we still need translation to turn or how much percentage of the situs translated in english what has recently changed but we still to translate all these things are lacking you can translate

it but there is no management also there is a workflow so either you go to do her then maybe ms coco really create a special view which shows you which languages to me needs translation there's a word format so currently you can only have anything use

of the Reichenbach saving and translate it snowed the problem is core the permissions that is so that when you want to transfer plate a bit node you need any access to his note which it needs to eat access and so we could happen that the translator you may

be things although i started translate the wrong note and he actually didn't eat enough happy to us so that suddenly things go wrong so he can create a really really easily cows of the system and we talking about a lot of different people working on on

possession of my trunk and have these issues in super certainly happens if she's every day in Santa Kate let's try to fix it but first let's actually see how the cases this is the size of a typical medium sized whose company that creates carbon

packaging exploits me facility of companies and you can see the languages that are available on this side you're going to come the end and yes there is an overview of what knowledge we now in which is behind but its weekly webcast translate town you see

in this case I have translated into two languages from resource and rissa still avail of the old you want us Lindemann was too has to be done exactly so that situation we have kala KO ba as I said some people came together and we set up hey let's fix this

somehow we will clear that again if it cannot face isn't hole because we don't really know what you want to do so it's like okay let's start our country module which tries fixes we imagine the end of the dozen 12 and we sort of sprint in Zurich

we fight it all kind of different people to join a sprint which were either and people from I ATM get it from you step Yankee ball from for itself but you also invited translation service providers because we know what you eat in football but you know what

they actually eats provides possession service so we brothers in together and you build something called the translation management school let me explain you how to dismantle oops the station manager on duty MGMT has a core core is in charge of handling all

the translations it's not able to actually do a translation but it's able to handle translation charts which will see it on the left side of core of the core we have sources and inside of 20 we have a lot of different ways how to enter content one

of them is always denotes the one we all alone other entities like losers there are autonomy terms the remaining products all of different ways additionally which words like a different element but you all plan anything spoons so if you act appalled I can't

get it springs and which translate various allow you translated text OMG facts as well I'll variables multi and of course their custom code you mean bro and it's very outside that imports tweets and try to translate them and i hope you in an end yet

or not you're going to know there's something else so the whole source system is fully pluggable we provide and plug them modules or plugins to the already existing code and in in tripoli and in conflict but you can write your own on the right side

you want to translate all these sources are all this content so we have a lot of different translators we will have an overview later but basically now actually scientists which are fully automated we have a local user translator which allows the user to log

in on the side and translate those things but you also have so escs and there are a lot of translation services out there so which provide you with high quality translation and which is not cheap but it's really good it's sometimes double-checking

sometimes triple checked and it's written in English and now we want to trace it so UK is no number one we go to this management you selected to be translated are you slightly from the source time and it's going into a chop a job is not checked which

contains chopped items it can have multiple drug items in this situation beyond use one but it is possible to translate multiple things at once which if you have a very size is very important so this job I in lives inside a chocolate is a representation of

the text of node number one now you go to so called checkout form and you can choose which translator truth now translated thing and the system already knows like which translate is actually able to do this maybe some translators can only do English turn the

sum of the American pony backs were so means often can do all of them and you can now choose for a ritual rope so in this example we choose one of the service let's say game on which is one of the ones we currently have you selected and then the translator

even act possibly to show you additional questions like what is the text about how fast you like me and all additional things based on the service dislike the service of the job basically each two followed by the API of em now label them a trick whatever they

have to do to translate this as a point maybe seconds later maybe minutes late maybe Davis later the job comes back again by the API and it contains my reviews they could lose an ear which is the translation of the child I very sorry for this translation now

goes into tngt and not yet ultimately set now we have additional possibilities you can review it you can reject it you can change it because they do realize all day français maybe some conditions thanks late or whatever and you can accept it if you retract

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