DrupalCamp Viena 2013

El proceso de diseño de la interfaz de administración de Drupal 8

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I all right let's go I hope you got a good lunch and buy it songs and today I really want to talk about what the user experience team has been doing the trip wait to give you a little bit back on a who I am I'm use experience design and I were called

use your talents and I mostly work on on applications web sites and hardware do design with also a research book and I lead up the UX team and I'm a super 8 maintain so that's waited um so for who I'm not sure if you all remember Drupal 7 of dreaming

it was tough and they're also any ship called he said we mess and that's really a major project that we learned from going on to Drew planes so we learned a lot about and the process that you should be falling and and this process is a pretty normal

process in that sense but um you know just that working with really do a design you it's all about communication so you can't put up a cooking show or anything like that it's like this is design and this is how we did it was really about actively

engaged in community every step in the process to get them involved so I'm talking to corporate developers who are working with interfaces and talk to beginner to expert users and all that to get more feedback we're designs and put all that in physical

which is improves a Google Alert which is really where all of our work comes together so through it um I think the way it is it's still a little bit but just when it will be released but a lot of the user experience improvement stuff you've done are

in court and there's only been a few minor G set still need to be take it out one of the mistakes I guess we made with the Drupal 7 is that the music regards to improve of sci building tools and then that must been maybe because of you in this room even

so a large portion of our community probably they notice all of cycling Tuesday improve blocks you i am still feels to stay and the many of you I all of those interfaces easily change that much between people six and seven and then you played it a lot more

around but still not perfectly and if you're looking at competitors Squarespace even through my wordpress really kind of lagging behind when it comes six lightweight so we didn't look at a couple of areas so we looked at content creation how our content

creators experience circle which isn't that good the mobile experience obviously something that we get it to be exactly people seven but we get back into place and last but not least the style so all times creation it's not really an official initiative

it was one of those those first things that we really wanted attack because we felt the Drupal 7 experience for creating content it's a little bit bland it isn't nice it's not that good so if you look at the page your current ripple seven side

you see a lot of kind of small each piece and a few bigger ones we've done I think over under you sleep test now with people using the content creation page usually Esther kind of first fast get to know Drupal and we see that people get a little confused

but you know things like what's the publishing status with my article and when you look at this page and even when you look at the fruit that is not immediately clear whether the thing that you're looking at is actually blind online on the website

especially when you're dealing with kinda burnt dollars and there's different stages soon our coats & Dragons waiting for her to be approved that status isn't really clear whether it's in focus or better is out there and the next item is

vertical times we introduce this in google 706 you know those all kind of field sets and stuff and it's q-slot like a love poem trips put their stuff in vertical times but no as we see people using it can get a little bit overwhelming so there's some

things that that you Claude but improving their and then finally yes if you have a lot of fields it's really hard to organize them on the page there's really not that many can whooping patterns that we have to group gives the real pattern that we have

is purple types of filters and the link you look at creativity viewing a piece of contents this one it's kind of about fun and people i press preview in NAC treated version and full version and dig what I'm looking at and it's not even a real preview

they're seeing it in get me to sit back and so content creators can be actually evaluate how it looks on the front end because all they see is the market like is shown here and spacing and all kinds of things affect what the real previews like so we know

that this is a big issue so we started to really look around at all of our competitors and seeing all of these issues that we see how they sold it so the most vulnerable competitor I guess is still WordPress I mean that's it's a content creation well

it is it good / concentration and this is also our most of the analysis and annuity is just good work girls um however if you would really look at the space of compensation system set a kind of antagonist problem we looked at a whole bunch of tools and tools

like WordPress but also joomla textpattern movable-type hippo and and we notice there's there's some similarities between those foods contain traces fees to be able to sing in the lot of systems are still missing and if you that do then have managed

to organize it they offer for a lot of visual guidance is the rack having a sidebar or something else to to group the primary functionality from the melody nation later subs published who published it whereas the men you can involve that stuff they pushed

onto the site but they also do a lot of visual style like Cuba and notorious for this buying a lot of stamps just to kind of make different stuff jump up on the other end of joomla which is very very out there in designing yet something like that's better

it's very minimalistic way that it's now six content creation screen so now we set out to the three designers and we spend about three weeks with derek lunch mr. designer not a lot just range from how we could improve this big and we brought together

and review all these different systems and we will be trying to look at different ways of kind of mac cleaning all of the contract and now using Furcal tabs or using the cordilla and we're using a side arm any Lee ends so this is really what it poured

us now you have your feels on top we have some of your settings below that in a vertical tab and then on the bottom you have your kind of actions to publish it or save it or to preview and areas like see in a lot of different systems that's my first have

a place on top so people notice it more quickly so we look at all those who turn to see me look at what Drupal should be doing I mean found these kind of four configurations looking to save button on top at the bottom and in the sidebar having the configuration

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