DrupalCamp Viena 2013

Drupal en un mundo JavaScript

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so hello everybody it's a pleasure to have this first session right under keynotes think people are so fresh they're so excited there's my full attention I mean so maybe a quick this is drooling JavaScript world's number number two I've

already given the session in dublin for the triple net face so if you are there and you saw the session I updated content a little bit but they're not going to be a whole lot of things are complicated and so if you have seen this before maybe he wants

to go get some Belgian chocolate crisps up I have also brought some chocolate and also from a country that meets their claims to make very beautiful which ones at brought me these chocolates did not print as many because I thought that quality matters more

partly but yeah so this is for questioning if you ask guests you talk about that in so let's get started and drupal in javascript worlds and so there's a few things that i'd like to talk about you see there's a very long list and actually this

comes up here and it doesn't fit on the screen and I can probably thought about this for a few days and then we only have something like 45 minutes and even though there's a few of these technologies that you already know about their show so many others

that it would be very difficult to cover each of them in debt so what I'm really going to talk about and I'm going to talk about every projects and I'd like to talk about the process how this project evolved starting from something that was Drupal

and a few JavaScript things and it grew to include other technologies at like to talk about the process that we had going through each of these only the decisions that for me and ang the lessons that you learned along the way the project is called organized

me is it is a start-up is it start of it that we were asked to help starts from the technological perspective and is what it does it is a privates document management so it means that is for private users who want to upload documents these can be scanned images

or NEX hens these will be analyzed things it is pretty much like a digital safe for all your documents I'll show you about that later so this is the new product when we were first contacted they already had some something conceptual work that was done

this is the first thing that I showed us and they're like oh we like huge built this and rupal and what you can see there it is that so the primary device that it was targeted for is a tablets so you can really swipe left and right you can see there's

some dynamic uploads hackney with the status of data inpage and all a bunch of dynamic contents and I don't know about you but when I saw this okay you want to do this with Drupal this is not exactly then well the triple interface does not exactly look

like that or you hate like that and so what we decided to do we decided to go to a single page application so the first test we had to do there was a very inning on project was to create a prototype this was not something that were meant to be professional

ready it was minutes to be something that kind of a conceptual approval of concepts to be able to convince the stakeholders that they really immunised to invest into this project we had two weeks of work available for us and that was about a year ago this

was December a classroom and we created a single page app so HTML page lives from JavaScript and then his page was communicating with Drupal in the back end so how this looks I'm back end and we really wanted to create a good prototype so we created these

custom entities with an entity construction kit that we expose these entities food services module and then we create search solution based on Search API it worked actually pretty well for a great prototype then on the front end we had a study page that included

and JavaScript html5 application and included backbone gs3 rjs marionettes underscore jQuery jQuery everybody knows what it is the other ones it might not be some there so I'm going to cover a few details about what each of these is and what we included

the first one is back home backbone is an its library that was included in triple triple cork in triple 8 and it is an MVC framework for JavaScript a front-end name is Ian Bremmer as a model beautiful so to cheat article to talk about well well what my phone

does really provide export kinds of objects provides models for us collection excuse and routers and the terminology here is slightly different from what we're used to if we can trade this into all terms and so a model is pretty much an entity or an entity

I really and so it is a piece of content with some specific data data structure also some logic educated with it then you have a collection a collection is a list of models improve alter versus could be of you in since it is a list that is dynamic it's

based on specific rules to define what is going to be in the list or it can be also treated as note cube where you really decide to write once to put in the list and in what order then you have views and this is one that it's confusing when you're

talking about a project that makes the back home and in Drupal what is it you coming from the backbone of you is something like a page or a blog it is a piece of content as a market with the logic associated with it behaviors as I saving with it so if you

sort of really poor all the business logic in the content will be implemented and then you have you have routers and a raptor is pretty much like menu system from Drupal so not many modules of navigation but really the parts that defines for what urls you're

going to have what Kovac for backbone the difference is that instead of having URLs that points to the back end we're going to have hash here or else that's really just stayed in the front end the traditional way of looking at javascript is really

an it's well and not the turn and well you sort with it and we just mark it and then you and then you just add the you add some javascript to improve the functionality and this they should work without javascript and then when you have JavaScript to get

some cool extra functionality so for example you had a link and you want something to happen when you click a link on that link and well then you just have the link in your HTML vote and you define some accommodate JavaScript this works well if you have some

some small improvement and this is the kind of things that between typically we tremble this actually the more modern way or the approach that spectrum is taking is instead of starting with the market we start with the structure so instead of just saying this

is my page and it has just HTML and then I'm going to improve on that you start with a structure so you have a data structure which is probably going to be defining Jason is something that you look from web service or that is in the page when you have

a structure its formally defined and based on the structure you create your markup and you also associate the various interaction in eight yrs that wants you to have with that market so just to go over the disco here we create and when we have a new item so

this is really the structure that we would have the Indus case we're creating something that's empty but in a real example which will just initialize it with some data or lower model from back-end then we create a view and this view defines what events

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