DrupalCamp Viena 2013

Diseñando sitios web responsive con Drupal

Daniela Kirsch  · 


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my name is that knee you know I'm from my limit and I am a weapon middle and front end negative more than 15 years I founded my own company is called happy and we are located Vernon we are five coolest opponents and come Amy working for web agencies and

agencies in Germany and we are doing the web development both concept designer just working focusing on the technical part and i'm here today to talk about my experiences with content I'm doing front-end development a new page for real or is not so

when you start a new project there are a lot of requirements to the project most of the time that is it should fix the perfect touch an able to cross browser competitor and a lot of other stuff and sometimes you also have to require them to be competitive

explorer 7 or 6 you got off I can be very hard so what you should do is you should start planning there are a lot of tools of that framework of us teens you can boost and that point you should be your boots cowboy and the first questions that arise and you

start approval content project then should you start from scratch or should you use baby and the answer to this question is quite believe because you should use the basing whenever you can so what is it basically based in grouper is kind of a to set of predefined

elements most of the time it is already browser compatible and responsive and it has a lot of things better in normally would start to develop from scratch and therefore and most of the time it also has a grid system is based on a grid system and therefore

it is much easier to develop for example responsive projects so this is the screenshot from foundation why hope you have a team and as you can see there are ya a lot of functions and rock tiles already defined there's a lot more to it definitely should

have a little bit um these are some of these spacings the most popular ones I think are adaptive seam and Omega and then you should actually you should try them all but so my favorite is omega because i like how to help which and I clips the qunut adjusted

but the one of his tools is for example life reload if you've never heard about this is exciting because what actually dusted as soon as you change any of you are he has expired of all JavaScript fires it recognizes to change comprises everything and reloads

your browser it's safe so that means you do not have to change to the browser and hit control arm and dialect by itself this is the screenshot from my home at nine Omega shipped with the tool that is called God and this it recognizes as soon as we will

open up the total installation to get oh see oh my god rocky so oh here you see it browsers connected then again def well it can be low to the ground until xmas something has changed and let's taste a lot of time on how to install a basic team it's

actually in all the guys it is very easy because you do that just on the human time that means you download oh my gasping i-i into science or things they normally also with the safety of things then we go to the common sign just type brush the Whitlam creates

something that you can start so in most cases you should use amazing but sometimes this is not possible and sometimes when the divine is so far away from any grid system or it is so special or the diviner has created the rule I don't know design completely

new editors very far away then you have to stop on red square and here are some tips and some tricks and some tools I really would recommend when you have to start from scratch first of all I choose one an item if you've never heard about modern eyes eyes

you really should take a look at it because it is in really amazing town and waiting to it so actually what a mega is not the answer to all our questions but to a lot of them what it actually does is it is a small JavaScript when you that tends to everything

about the capabilities of the users browser therefore it checks for a lot of functionalities like this it's reia transitions on it checks if the user is on a touch and able device and develop things more and then it ends applause to the HTML tag and then

you can use this in your development and those what modernize our most Alaskans as you may or no internet explorer a does not understand html5 text and therefore you have to do XCOM kind of asian and five ships that are some of them out there but modern eyes

are all red Gooden so is more than other than you happy advantage to book and have a solution for this problem also okay then very very important tool I think it's very important to you as preprocessor there are the moment to very popular people says nose

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