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Comparando los mapas de OpenLayers y Leaflet

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Thanks 500 70 players addy plenty Sarkozy simple question of who we are imagine if it won't reach are assigned ever a part of the development a shitty and being assigned their limits I'm trying to do which much everything in health information so I'm

going to focus a lot about what role players and you basically from the moon interface yeah I Joseph i'll see you on twitter into Polidori um so I'm pretty much no rounder I came into people doing a lot of psych building but I also am a developer so

I'm familiar with the eyes of most of the modules that are using if I need to use the API sexual um and talking about Leland this is actually of importance of my first peg so um yeah community just means that islands yeah it's just again doing all

along stuff for example organisation and then the questions but interests us is who are you basically the usual questions or viewpoints actually max on websites may be as good I was you whom he was using of layers for that right not rocky third loser who's

using over is using the fetch Tim I'm articles you goes ok so we come back to you when we have questions about what might be better for one case on the other so before want who have you had any pressing any of these modules book you ozdemir put the map

online so far so there's like some people that's that still don't have any experience losing so I was on the world so we want to be inspired afterwards to try my level or another what your text you do that which is it was the best thing like Max

actually really interesting way of displaying day jobs that it telling stories in a different way than just words I'm just gonna show you the basics of ozone layer and leaflet in how you put data on the map how do you make it look pretty and also some

of the differences between it first in the general overview and then you want to go through some examples for you basically try to build the same or similar map was either system and you can show you the differences in that so what does the only amber tulum

um you first of all you did it very like you searched your data for whatever you want to put on the map and it was useful that then you have to configure the mac in open areas which is basically saying how did the man look like part of the map is look like

and then you will air tube user that's the point that people usually get abused you go to effective use for a second time to then actually want an error on the side somewhere are we doing at leave niche so yeah same thing we need some data to display and

in order to display they are not usually display multiple points on one lap and this is why we basically do queries using use the second power so until she gets the call configuration you I of layer configuring our maps but I using be clever I have to go with

none baby is in books and it is going to be very scared for you guys um but believe me you're gonna I love it and two it's pretty easy um so that's the bad thing about leaflet in this case but then if we go to the third point we realize that we

are already done we don't have to go back and forth like we have to do with layers model in waveland it's just one step using vuze when you configure which daily run a percent you immediately can put it on the map in a directory which saves you a lot

of time and sometimes get headaches or the site builder but of course just about use cases very another step for for using HX and we're gonna handle it afterwards and so what's not inside openlayers and the leaflet model for example um went crazy max

we also need to care about being so geographical annotated data needs to come from somewhere and needs to be stored somewhere in the database in football and so when we talk about bailing we're gonna rely usually on but you feel there's also to coding

which means for example transforming addresses into a location which is represented by latitude longitude of as you can as you probably know from google maps for example but you can also Teal'c old images that have the location head inside you can take

on a slope and forming it to a location the best authorities accommodation to leave matter that's a fast-talking forgiving college Gary yeah and then in geo world we need continuity search and so on and there's modules that do so for us for example

of layers work we usually rely on to your team cover and Allah Allah extension modules technical founder of the Lord website so you don't only install links that you can have many many country comfortable and related modules and in little girl is a little

bit less or much less there is some leaflet integration molecules available a lot of Mehsud's are rather new javascript library it doesn't have years of contributions of flames das has a trooper world really linked twin-engine show to do oh so thank

you java we have iced tea leaves ve issued this video is going to deal with the storage of the neighbor as we just said as mainly done by on display and there's two midgets buy that for only friend and old players election hope you mr. data input so if

you use organ layers you haven't you people mayor's vision where you can actually determine how should the neck look like if you first sample editor location like this content right you can say okay i want to be bothering with locations in the NR today

or for this site we really focus the match on dns we will have to start with the whole word meaning trying to fight was half of one for dinner tonight reserve so you can actually customize your content type of the map on the project AG to easily put full of

easy input format for data yet i think of course action part of this week sure is to add points or lines of geographic annotated data directly on the map and the same openlayers as a region also exists for weekly it it's a module that unfortunately hasn't

received any release since a year any personal growth which you filled to X so I will not but and liver has this leaflet draw a chip which should easily be integrated with which you fill two decks but nobody has has done this we're already saw a societal

values crude remote so now we went to the point that you have a site you have a quantum time for the contains nature and you want to display on my for example where all the participants of history but can't come from or where I've all the drug had

once been for the last ten years or whatever so wasn't unless you go to use and you basically make a first you display which is the Oakland last HR bunny it's the data you will overlay on top of a map and it has a format that you can just get from

the list of performance with a number of settings and then those sightings that's the point i right okay in the settings you can actually say for which he it is my dear location coming from an image format is it isn't where no one text is the bowling

box is it latitude longitude separately or longitude latitude which ever way around you watching average you can choose which title your pop-up windows your lap and you can choose a description they're quite a when you look on a map actually holding you

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