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Recomendaciones de una filóloga inglesa para escribir mejor código

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hi all thank you so much for for having me I'm really excited to be here so let's just get started I'm about me I am Lacey I'm a developer for the University of Texas where I've been for the past four years and now i'm gonna try to

slow down i'm not gonna talk that fast for the rest of the talk it's going to be great um but before I became a developer I really wanted to be an English professor I got my bachelor's degree from auburn university in 2007 and while i was there

i did a lot of tech things i was the webmaster for my professors website which was maintained in Dreamweaver and stored on a zip drive those were good days um I also worked in the Technology Center where I screen casted videos to teach professors how to use

blackboard and which is an online course management system if you've not if you're not familiar with it and I also helped them in a great tech into their classrooms in ways that I thought were cool then because I still wanted to become professor Lacey

and I wanted to teach and write scholarly articles about literature like articles about Jane Austen I got a master's degree in English from Texas A&M University and that's just a couple of hours down the road in college station if you're not

familiar with Texas geography again though I steered myself into more tech roles I worked in the technology center instead of being a teaching assistant which is what you're supposed to do and I helped faculty screencast and make videos and use Moodle

which is an open-source version of Blackboard but I didn't know what open source was at the time I just knew it was free and then I also helped them integrate google docs as a collaboration tool in their classrooms I also worked for an organization called

the world Shakespeare bibliography which takes all of the articles they're written about Shakespeare and puts them all into one place it's pretty cool while i was there i wrote summaries on these articles but i had to use some xml markup so that they

could be copied and pasted into our administrative site i didn't know that that was kind of like coding then in 2009 I took a workshop on tei the text encoding initiative tei is an XML markup language that's specific to manuscripts so this is an example

of what it looks like on the left you have what is being transcribed and on the right you have the tei xml markup and there's also some links at the end of the presentation and i'll post these slides online so if you're really interested in tei

you can dive deep into that it has these really awesome and specific tags for manuscripts so there's a tag for the publisher the day the author the title but then you can do really neat stuff for written manuscripts so like there's a way to represent

in markup that Mark Twain scratched through a line and then wrote something else above it which is really neat I wanted to make a site using te I whenever I was in grad school to talk about Jane Austen fan fiction and that's actually a really rich world

you intimately and I'm not going to go too far into that but i will just very briefly tell you that um there are these like Twitter accounts where people will will become the different characters from Pride and Prejudice for example and they will like

over a period of time act out the entire novel and it's really fun people get into this so like you think that you know your gaming or dragoncon or whatever and you haven't met these Jane Austen people that is real phantom um but I didn't know

how to make a website I was really tech inclined and tech interested but I didn't think of myself as tech savvy despite like everything I've told you about all the tech things that I was doing I didn't know how to register a URL I didn't understand

what CSS was and if there were tutorials out there I didn't know where they were I wish that I could go back and mentor myself in 2010 and I was telling Barbara about this this morning because now there's the Django girls tutorial and I could say 2010

Lacey you should do this because Django would be perfect for what you want to do but I didn't know that I had impostor syndrome before I even got started so instead of doing my amazing website on Jane Austen fanfiction I wrote a paper on Jane Austen fan

fiction and with that I got a digital humanities certificate which is still ironic to me that that even was allowed to happen um this talk Jane Austen on Pepe do is sort of my do-over it's a chance for me to talk about literature and tech in one place

which I've never gotten to do before so this is for the other English majors that performs the lovers of literature the people with humanities degrees who trouble with that question so do you ever use your history degree it's also for the people who

have asked that question of their colleagues that don't have stemmed backgrounds who've been confused about how someone might start out a psychology major and wind up writing Python the truth is that the technology world and the humanities world are

not very far apart a lot of the concepts that English majors have perfected over years of writing thesis papers we do use in our daily lives as developers this talk isn't really about what coders can learn from humanities majors or vice versa it's

more a demonstration of the overlap between those two disciplines and a study and their compatibility and how they complement one another so this is a game called guess the source I put up a quote from a style guide and you guess where it comes from and this

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