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Lecciones aprendidas y consejos sobre cómo nombrar a las cosas

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Lizzy Williams gave a talk yesterday on the intersection between humanities and Technology specifically how her lessons as an English major influence and helped her life in the tech world I'm an English major as well and as soon as I saw her abstract I

knew there was going to be a pretty big intersection between our talks so we talked and plotted things out and the core lesson that I kind of want to take from her is that there are soft problems soft and technology that we can use lessons from from writer's

lessons from your English professor lessons from your high school English teacher to make us better programmers if you didn't catch your talk please put at the top of your list of to rewatch once the videos on demand go up it was a wonderful talk I think

a lot of people I think people both from humanities majors and people who from sort of more technical backgrounds have a lot to learn from it but again the core listen I want to take away is that there are hard problems in computer science that are maybe not

solved but aided by some lessons we can take from humanities and the problem that I want to talk about is names names of variables means the methods names of projects like like the cell allistic guides that lacy covered yesterday names are important because

they're what we leave behind as signposts to fellow developers both current developers people work your current co-workers people who may work with you later and you one year from now you will want yourself your old self to have named things correctly

if you do not future you will be mad at you and that is how time-travel movies start and you do not want to be the protagonist in that movie I promise you now there are other reasons why you want to have good barrel names other than to avoid being killed by

yourself and causing some sort of conflict but we'll go into those kind of when we get into the actual advice later in the talk speaking in in my name is Jacob Burch the name of the company I work for is red assist the name of my title is developer I guess

and the name of this talk is the other hard problem a lot of you probably know what the name of the talk is referring to there's a quote that gets battled around I used it and talk here at changuk on three or four years ago when I gave a talk on catchin

validation and cashing within Jango with my cobras and Arno Silas so here's that quote there are only two hard things in computer science cache invalidation and naming things no there are other sort of jokey versions of this but this is the one that matters

and it's funny on in its own right right because you have this super super technical thing cache invalidation hard CS grads have a really hard time with it and you have this super soft problem in naming variables and that's why it's kind of funny

that the two polar opposites of our discipline still are the highest highest in difficulty at least at least according this quote and I'm grateful for that because that means my American literature degree was not gone to waste I can use it in my professional

life even if it's just to give this talk one or two times so let's go everyone I'm gonna be talking about this is a novice level course so a lot of things I'll be saying may seem self-evident to some seasoned developers here but I kind of want

to stress and I'll be stre stressing this throughout that a lot of the mistakes here are not mistakes of ignorance there are mistakes of laziness it's easy to do the easy thing and just move on with your life even if you know better that said I do

think this is sort of a step to talk and that it's not I expect you to have a little bit of background on Pepe maybe you went to Lacey's talk maybe you've read the Pepe talks that's it I'll cover pep eight a little bit we have a special

guest instructor that all introduce in a little bit who's going to give us some tips on naming our variables and then I have a few notes just on how we can take these lessons and apply to our tests and documentation so to start up something up f8 I want

to actually quote verbatim from Lacey's talk she's talking about the elements of style the English style guide by Strunk and white the broader point of about Strunk and white though is that this is a guide written to help people write clear more concise

more consistent more readable English pepé tis a guide for helping people write clearer more concise more consistent and more readable code and that bears repeating because it works exactly the same for names the point of our names are these signposts and

we want them to be clear more concise more consistent and more readable so I'm gonna like I said really breeze through Pepe and what it has to say about naming variables even if you haven't read Pepe I think a lot of these are apparent if you just

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