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[Keynote] Lo que nos falta por hacer en el ámbito de la diversidad

Lynn Root  · 


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awesome um can you hear me okay yeah great I'm going to actually take one of those conference pictures because I love pictures and you can like act all crazy and all right so this is a panel right you ready all right I am scanning you can take a picture

of me too if you'd like I'm totally okay with that all right almost done yeah all right great thank you so yes I am a super excited to be here this is a confession this is actually my first django con in the US and its I feel like I've kind of

peaked in my life to like do I came out here it's kind of pretty awesome um so yeah I was definitely very excited and that Jeff emailed me I was just like so thank you for inviting me and thank you for the conference organizers for having me as well um

so yeah first django con us and what best how best to start off with i think is a coat from Star Trek so humor me I'm so I actually couple months ago with my fiance we went to the San Francisco Symphony to see the simply play like the whole score to the

2009 movie and if you ever had an opportunity to do that it is freaking awesome but it reminded me that jewel-anne barracuda producer writer of Star Trek he said a few quotes about like the diversity of the show but it's actually very relatable to diversity

as a whole so one in particular he said one obstacle to adulthood needs to be solved immediately that we must learn not to accept differences between ourselves in our ideas and but too enthusiastically welcome welcome and enjoy them diversity contains many

treasures as those waiting for us in other worlds and we will find it in two votes of fear diversity and to enter into the future at the same time so it was very comforting when I first heard this quote from someone so prominent in the the geek culture I'm

actually grew up with my father watching like the next generation Deep Space nine Voyager II all the series I think the next generation is my favorite one he's actually like the legit my father is like legit doppelganger of data which actually dressed

for one Halloween even dyed his hair black and I don't think he could get it out after a while but I think I have a suspicion that going up with with Star Trek in the background kind of subliminally influenced me so looking at the the TV series as an adult

and the discourse that they have it's very diplomatic right the caracals had very altruistic personal views and they apply them to a very difficult situations and the whole premise of like the Starfleet is is purely humanitarian and peacekeeping efforts

and then the series itself was used to reflect on a lot of current than current cultural issues including racism sexism class warfare among others Gene Roddenberry himself even said that by creating a new world with new rules I could make statements about

sex religion Vietnam politics and turn out intercontinental missiles it was very novel to have a show like this especially in the 1960s many ways now that i have outed myself as a Trekkie little bit about me as I just said I am I work for Spotify I'm a

backend engineer and I'm based in San Francisco I'm also one of the two advice chairs of the Python Software Foundation board and I'm a part of the code of conduct committee and the grants committee for the DSF I also lead San Francisco pi ladies

and do a lot or involved in a lot of the global pi ladies efforts I also i also have a lot of stickers with me so if you want to come find me afterwards I got play for you um my name is real quick perhaps I know like what seventy percent of you this is your

first genuine con but perhaps like this is your first Python conference Django conference ever or maybe and you just started to learn Python our Jang Geum but to get everyone up to speed past few years there's been a huge movement to improve the diversity

makeup of our community for years ago a 2012 dango con tu in Zurich is actually my second conference ever in my first time speaking and I actually talked about how what I was doing a to affect diversity in the Python community using a lot of Django resources

and I kind of turned more into a conversation / rant but talk about I only found it appropriate to like four years later to give sort of an update of how we're doing I do want to note that this talk and while it's focused on women and because I am

that's what I work closely with the ideals and premise of this should be translated to other minority groups as well and within the Python community in the tech industry I also I swear a couple of times in this talk it's not like a sailor or anything

like that but I just to emphasize a point I get kind of heated you know very enthusiastic about answering a conversation points so please feel free if if I start kind of saying some words and makes you feel uncomfortable you can go ahead and leave I don't

mind but um I promise don't swear like a sailor sailor um maybe get me like a glass of wine or something anyways just play sit back and relax i have a link to the slides and a blog post that I wrote up for this at the end so I just kind of want you to

relax a little bit all right so caffeine I need that the two hour flight difference is huge Oh to give some context and I could try my best to explain why having a lack of diversity is a problem and that we should all care about but in reading some research

and some sign a few scientific papers I found a few rule good highlights that does a better job than I ever could one is from the first ones from the Harvard Business Review there's little correlation between a groups collective intelligence and IQ of

its individual members but when but if a group includes more women its collective intelligence Rises next one from National Academy of Engineering creativity depends on our life experiences without diversity the life experiences we bring to an engineering

problem are limited as a consequence we meant we may not find the best engineering solution from scientific american when the groups and when groups of intelligent individuals are working to solve hard problems the diversity of the problem solvers matters

more than their individual ability thus diversity is not distinct from enhancing overall quality it's it is integral to achieving it and from the same article chronic and woeful under under representation in the workforce leads to the inescapable conclusion

that we're missing critical contributors to our talent pool it is hard to grow a work forward workforce let alone the best workforce when there's a broad under-representation of up to 75 percent of the talent of the potential talent pool one last one

from a different Harvard Business Review case after ten years of work experience forty-one percent of women in tech leave the industry compared to seventeen percent of men but they are not more likely to leave than the women in other industries because of

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