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okay is this anyone's first time in austin all right my first time in austin i live in raleigh now i lived here for a year last year but my very first time here was in nineteen ninety i was going to k you in Lawrence Kansas and I took spring break down

here and it's a few months later I dropped out of K you and I moved here Hannah and I took some time off of school and saw a lot of bands and eventually I transferred into back into UT and eventually i graduated from UT and so it's been really fun

for me also to be back here and if you have an export campus yet i encourage you to walk around I have a little hole in the wall sign up there in home walls right across the street from the University and if you haven't been there it's been around

since the early 70s and had my graduation party there and buy a lot of bands and got started there so it's a cool place to stop by and check out if you haven't been there yet it's got a lot of austin history and music history so who's wondering

why i would be speaking at django con if I'm not involved with django all right yeah okay that's a legitimate question but I am kind of connected to django and it's a funny story so as Jeff mentioned my career started at sysadmin magazine after

I graduated from UT i moved back to lawrence kansas and i got a job at a publishing company and customer service and after a few months I had transferred over to my first job in in publishing and sis ammons not around anymore and sadly this is about the only

sign of it I could find online the magazine it's unfortunate because it was an exceptional magazine i'm really proud to have gotten my start they are about even if it was my accident it's what introduced me to lenox and it was just a journal for

unix stuff out man's and then once linux started getting big we expanded our coverage for linux up also and some of the relationships I have all these years later date back to the very beginning of my career and so I want to talk about doing what you like

to do for a long time with a diverse group of people that you like working with and who like working with you which is also an important part of this so Frank Wales is right up here and this is an example of somebody i ended up working with for a very long

time he wrote that for as back in 2003 I couldn't find our cows from sysadmin but I could find a newsletter online which is really weird but so this is a newsletter i sent out in 2003 promoting an article that Frank wrote for us and so I was that sound

me for about 10 years and then I moved over a German company was expanding and wanted to open an office in Lawrence Kansas and so I helped them open that office and I was there editor of Linux pro magazine which is still around and and they have since launched

several other magazines good to use your magazine and admin magazine a lot of the writers from sysadmin you know still contribute to our admin magazine and so the journal-world wrote an article about this what was it 2007 is anyone familiar with the journal-world

heard the world's company right see your scene where it's all coming together now so as I'm traveling the country and going to conferences talking about linux pro magazine and linux new media and how we have an office in lawrence now I kept hearing

that's where jingos from and agent Engels not even officially released yet that's a project right and said this is really weird and that we kept hearing this from people you know in San Francisco you know international people who were here at events

it was very strange to be hearing about this already and so when I got at home I was like hey Frank can you read an article about this Jango that I keep hearing about and so he did and he submitted the article and he probably submitted about August 2008 because

then publishing you know the in for print and you submit it and then several weeks before it goes through printing you know and then it hit newsstands in September in europe because that we were international and they got printed over in Europe and see what

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