DjangoCon 2015

Cómo pueden los programadores recuperarse de una situación extrema de estrés o "burnout"

barbara Shaurette  · 


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so I'm actually really really glad that this room is not super packed I was kind of hoping that there wouldn't be a ton of people or not not because I didn't want to speak in front of a lot of people but but I was thinking about this you know I

got such a positive response the idea of this talk and it sort of broke my heart to think that that many people might really be that burned out if I really need this so you know I'm not a super experience speaker i really hope that I can do this topic

justice because it seems like something that a lot of people need to hear about the bad news is that i'm not a self-help guru or a motivational speaker licensed close-ish and clinician any of those things I don't really have any official capacity to

tell you how to relieve your stress what I do have is some common sense some stories a little bit of advice from my own stories that I think might help but I have this feeling you know if you're here and you're already identifying as being burned out

you probably already know what you need to do to change that but sometimes it just helps to hear it from someone else so I hope that I can help you here at django con you're already a part of a really thriving community it's a very active community

you're already you know part of open source so you used to give me your time and energy very freely well why why we do that is probably a topic for another talk at another time I know that most people that I know outside of open source don't get it

at all you know we give all of our free time we work a lot in our free time we you know there was a tweet that I saw from PI Texas this weekend about leaving you know to go off on your labor day holiday weekend to go and write more code that's what a lot

of us do I maybe it so that you can improve your programming skills or make some new friends take part in this community and meet really amazing people there could be a lot of reasons maybe you're just drawn by the energy and excitement of all the knowledge

share that we do those reasons have really been discussed and disguise detected and you know I don't really know one thing that I do know is that we all have this very common passion everyone's very excited and they love what they work on but that

that passion has to have limits I think we've all discovered that at some point oh I'll start by telling my story a few years ago probably 34 years ago now i just moved to austin i started and finished one contract job and then started another permanent

job i started a relationship i was blogging or trying to you i had just begun doing young coders which is the kids Python Clouseau we teach at Pikul and i started developing that i was teaching beginner Python classes here on you know and all over at small

conferences around the south I gotten involved the local CSTA that's computer science teachers of America I was volunteering with them to try and help you know work to improve local computer science teachers in class record science classes in classrooms

here in Austin I was volunteering with a local program Central Texas discover engineering that brings technologists into classrooms to speak and to teach and kind of get kids excited about stem so I spending a lot of time doing that in between all of those

things I was doing some technical review had a couple friends that we're doing python and django books i would spend a lot of time reading and i founded the pie ladies chapter here so i was spending a lot of time doing meetups and classes to try and get

that group growing so you can imagine i was stretched to my limits pretty much i was really exhausted most of the time my relationships were suffering a little bit my friends and relatives I was not seeing very much with them I started developing some health

problems which I rule or going to hear I was traveling sure but but the only travel that I was doing was for conferences I said joke that I was seeing the world one python and django con at a time and not much more than that I you know it started to take time

away from my actual job the the day job that pays the bills I was not getting to do any of the things that I love outside of programming and you know so after a while after a couple of years of this I started to really dread every meet up every class oh my

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