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Cómo Django y su comunidad pueden transformar la vida de algunas personas

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first of all thank you everyone for coming to my talk hello or hello like we would say in Germany but since we're in Texas I'm just going to say hey y'all this is supposed to be a cowboy boot I wasn't able to find a Texas flag emoji so if someone

wants to make one for me that would be awesome my name is Anna osofsky actually Adam asked me how do you pronounce your last name and it told him i'm just going to explain it because a lot of people ask me it's polish and it's actually one of the

easier polish names but so it's not a saski it's else off ski okay I'll tell you more about myself later and before I start talking I'd like to thank death now the DSF the psf and everyone who contributed to our diversity program it's because

of this diversity and financial aid program that I'm able to be here and talk to you today so thank you I'm here today to share some Django stories and tell you how Django and its community can change lives my talk is split up into parts in the first

part I'll tell you eight stories of eight amazing women who Stella learning Django and got involved in the community and whose lives were changed by doing so and in the second part will take a closer look at the Django community itself okay let's start

with the Django stories first I'd like to do a little survey now who have you have heard of the your django story interview series on the Django girls blog who have you have read some stories who have you read all of them okay we have to work on that and

last question feel if you have been featured hands up Adrian oh you're going to be future okay okay I'm sorry sorry okay awesome okay now those of you who haven't heard of the interview series it's on blog Django girl stork I'd highly recommend

that you check it out a feature one woman a week and i actually just published in you django story this morning sorry some of you may wonder why django stories why this interview series so we studied it for a couple of reasons the number one reason was we

wanted to show that there are a lot of awesome women in the community who do django that some of you may never have heard of and the second reason is we wanted to show that there are so many ways which can lead you to work to a career in programming you don't

need a computer science degree you don't need a boyfriend who's a programmer you can start now and learn and be great in it these are all the women we featured so far there are 65 of them and they're a lot more to come we started the interview

series on sep tember 8 2014 so tomorrow's actually the django story birthday which is pretty cool if someone wants to make a cake and bring it 2morrow ok let's get started with the individual story so this is my friend oh please keep in mind that i

just picked out 8 there's a lot more so if you feel inspired please check out the blog so this is Dori and Ori was one of the first Django girls attendees who got a job after attending a workshop she's from Budapest and she studied psychology and philosophy

and after finishing her degree she didn't really know what she wanted to do but she was interested in digital humanities so one of her friends recommended that she look at the Udacity website and she started teaching herself coding she then applied for

the rails girls summer of code but she didn't get in which she was really upset about but she got into the Django girls workshop and after the workshop she went home she quit her job and she started teaching herself cutting full-time and after speaking

about Django girls at a local meetup she was invited for an interview and she scored her first job this is what she wrote on Twitter Doria is now been working at the company for almost a year she organized to django girls workshops in budapest she's very

involved in the local Python community and she coached at for Django girls events and I think she's the first person who coached organized and attended a django girls work chef this is just one example of how Django girls can turn women not only into developers

but new community leaders dories actually not very interested in django itself she's more interested in pure python development but here's what she says about the jenga community she'd want to be part of the django community even if in django suck

because in communities also so it's all about the community and i actually talked to people all the time and they tell me you know i don't attend these conferences because i'm particularly interested in the code i come here for the community next

door is my friend King nest jori king as from Poland she just moved to Scotland last week well she'll study computer security and forensics and like dory i'm at kinga in berlin at the very first django girls workshops and i can say it's because

of junior girls that I met my two very best friends we traveled together we organize workshops together we chat pretty much every day and kinga organized to django girls workshops last month she organized one in her hometown oof and her mom and her grandmother

a proud to attend the workshop and got in her grandma actually broke her arm in her leg so she couldn't come but she really wanted to and her grandma said her biggest motivation for attending a django girls workshop was to show people that you're never

too old to learn something new which i think is really really awesome and yes i do believe we can call that one of King us biggest successes when it comes to spreading the love of coding qinghe also wrote a really great article last month for Model View culture

if you don't know Model View culture please check it out it's a great tech online publication I've written for them before as well her title was how the glorification of software developers compromises tech it's such an important topic so please

read the article who have you have read the article yes great also when I asked king of what she loves about Django she said that the community is friendly and open to new learners oh and actually I've been trying to convince kinga for almost a year to

do an interview for our interview series and she was always like no I don't know enough Django my story's not inspiring I'm boring so three weeks ago she finally agreed so please tweet her and tell her that you'd love to read her story show

she actually commits to it this is Adrian Adrian Canyon wait cheesier amid Adrian on Twitter and a at PI Tennessee in person we were both speakers and Adrian's the professional chef by training and about a year ago she started teaching herself coding and

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