DjangoCon 2015

Cómo desarrollamos la parte de administración de con Django y Knockout

Frankie Dintino  · 


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so first of all I'd like to thank you gencon for selectman presentation Thank You Lana for helping a seven year and thank all of you for come to see my presentation today I'm going to be talking about building the entire compound pages wysiwyg a min

with Django and knock xjs the purposes of demonstrating techniques here I created sort of bare bones repo that illustrates techniques that you can check out and run have your letter so introductions my name is franky don t know as was mentioned I work for

the Atlantic if you're not familiar with it it's a 150 eight-year-old monthly publication it's been a website for 20 years of those i've been working at 45 if you're not immediately familiar with the name you may have seen one of our recent

magazine features such as what license really wants the case for reparations why women's go can't have it all organized be them active military so in april of this year we launched a redesign of the site which have been in the works for very long time

the front end was written in PHP so the back end at this point had been migrated to django the site was not responsive and the home page at a fixed layout so you had a carousel module that rotated in four items in a row of five items a list of three and then

a video in a grid and that never changed as a brief aside on almost everything you see on the atlanta com homepage and spin the case for quite a while is hand selected or curated there are two people whose job it is select every store in a cage I ran the numbers

and updates per day come on pages 33 grand you know some of those are typos fixes and things like that but it's still a fairly impressive number on many cases the homepage is the most highly trafficked page on our site and we also feel that the homepage

serves as a representative for the brand but forward the continent we think is the most compelling would be great so before the redesign the main interface looked like this if you're familiar with propelling it's basically propelling in lines though

using a module we built called Jango nested admin that allows you to drag and drop between in lines and arbitrarily nest field lines some people might characterize that as admin abuse we've got to be extremely helpful so with the new homepage um it was

going to be fully responsive rewritten in Django and we're going for a flexible modular structure that would allow editors automatically group articles and build a rhythm as the user Scrolls down the page so here's the sort of battering of modules

that you might see on the homepage and I've already used this term balance the operating concept of the homepage design is that there arose such more of one or more articles which we called modules it can be freely arranged in whatever order when feedback

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