DjangoCon 2015

Cómo aprendí a programar con Django mientras trabajaba en Eventbrite

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thank you I said I'm really passionate about accessibility and search and I'm not talking about either of this a little more about me why are you here why are you listening to me I grew up in Ohio which was really boring so I went someplace totally

different which was Illinois and I got my computer science degree from the University of Illinois and then as like man this is still actually really boring so I ran away and joined the Peace Corps and taught people how to use computers in Cameroon with the

Peace Corps for two and a half years and then I came back and I joined Eventbrite where I'm a senior software engineer but none of that actually matters those are kind of like the highlights the successes of my life why I know something about not knowing

anything is because at each of those points I didn't know anything so why should you learn why is it important to what you say what sort of programmer are you Allison don't you know that our fields always changing and there's so many cool things

you can do it's like yeah yeah yeah but why does your company want you to learn you always want to but maybe you're doing that at night secretly but this way you should be doing it on company time first of all there's the bus factor if you haven't

heard of it it's the rather morbid term for how many people can get hit by a bus and have your company still function it's also the term unicorns which are they're very very people who do exactly what your company needs to happen they're called

unicorns because they're almost impossible to find so I say you should start as a horse like start working on growing your horn so this is kind of my history of one of learn different things in school I did Java and C++ and visual basic and MIPS and since

then I've used none of those surprise surprise I don't use oh camel at Eventbrite the my first job I started learning HTML and CSS in c-sharp and I have not used C sharp since then and then at Eventbrite I started with JavaScript and Python and surprised

you actually need more than just those things to do your job so you start learning a couple other things I started working on our search team and learned solar and then really you need also some Cassandra and some Redis and you pick them up one by one but

it's not just the technologies it's not just the languages it's also all the other tools you need to do your job it's vagrant it's docker it's your text editor all these things take time to learn and you can't just do it instantaneously

I also think learning at a company is actually really awesome so for one you have people to talk to there's probably somebody there who knows what you're trying to learn and it makes a lot of sense to be able to go and talk to them instead of finding

somebody randomly online like be on IRC and be like are they going to hate me if I ask them this really beginner question there's also a framework already in place it might be great it might be bad but the last time I did a side project I it took three

days setting up my environment and all the technologies I needed so that was knowing how to do all those things so just skipping past all of that land in an environment that's already set up it's really useful you can figure out the other things later

you're doing something that's useful if your company's successful or if you're not then you're trying to make them successful it's something that's a product it's gonna get used it's probably live and probably the most important

thing you can't give up if you're working on something as your side project you can't you can just be like oh I have these other things to do I guess I won't work on today if you're making something for your company you have to continue

making it you can't just be like oh it's too hard I guess I'll stop working on this now so how do you do it and I guess in the schedule the title of this was actually how I learned django at Eventbrite and the talk is actually more about how anyone

learns anything at any company but this is kind of my strategy of how I did it and there's definitely lots of different ways people might have different strategies but hopefully it's useful for someone so what I always have to do and I always have

to remind myself to do is do one thing at a time that giant list of things to learn don't try to do them all at once do one of them but similarly if you know Django really really well and you keep getting projects at work that are doing Django over and

over maybe expand your horizons maybe try and work on something where you don't know anything really try and work on something where you're learning one new thing but you can talk to your manager you can talk to different people and say do you need

help on that do you need help with your go project do you need help integrating Postgres into Django and you can learn new things that way I'm not sure if anyone in here is a manager a tech lead or a senior engineer or really anyone who is making schedules

and telling other people what they should be doing this is actually your job ideally people are gonna be coming and saying I would love to learn more about JavaScript but they might be quiet so if you're telling them what they should be working on maybe

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