DjangoCon 2015

Aprovecha tu experiencia en programación por procedimientos para aprender otros lenguajes

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I realize I'm the only thing standing between you and lunch so I'm going too fast but if you have questions more room for questions okay so today is about leveraging procedural knowledge which is three really long words to say how to learn and so don't

be intimidated by that part if you're new because everyone's actually a noob I promise add something we're going to talk about procedural knowledge and how to implement that first you're going to know thyself by getting to know me we're

going to drink from the firehose return to our roots talk about a jingo girls workshop and talk about next steps okay so procedural knowledge is actually better defined better understood by understanding declarative knowledge declarative knowledge is Amsterdam

is the capital of the Netherlands jay is the tenth letter of the ISO Latin alphabet it's really hot outside because we're in Texas and I'm melting because i'm from the netherlands that's declarative procedural is how you ride the bike how

you drive your car how you train for a marathon which I've never done how you learn how you do so its facts versus process so why does that matter well there are two schools of thought one is that in order to learn something new you learn the facts and

then you practice and practice and practice and practice and practice and practice until it becomes procedural knowledge you don't even need to think about it anymore and you don't even maybe bur how you learned that fat and that's totally valid

the other school of thought is that you learn something and then when you want to learn something new you remember the environment where you learned that maybe there was some white noise but it's a quiet room with all the curtains blocked out and therefore

you want to learn something new so you recreate that environment and you learn something else it's learned more efficiently that way because that's how you learn something else and your brain goes ah I'm learning something ok focus so the first

step to procedural knowledge is to actually know yourself and oh hi Sasha I am a ten-month-old a mother of a ten-month-old who is right there and you can say hello later or not um I first programmed on a TI 99 for a computer which maybe you remember and maybe

you have no idea what I'm talking about and that makes me feel old but I one basic on the manual that came with that computer and the only thing you could do was follow the rules that was it there was no hacking there was following the rules or it doing

nothing you couldn't even take it apart and put it back together and do something new it was that or nothing and so I learned how I learned I practiced and I read and then I did and I found that if i just read the manual and then put it down that I it

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