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Aprender a programar como una chica

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hello I'm Gavin actually see Gabriella but kind of hard to speak my name in English so goddess hi I'm Brazilian I came from Sao Paulo I am I was the only dot on on the world map from Jackie stark from Brazil there so that's me I would like first

to type the organizers for being so aware of the day of diversity that they bring me here to help you to improve the discussion I must say I'm pretty impressed about the amount of women that I saw on this conference I music I used to see 10 women out of

200 in some conference that i went to and just just show me that we have almost twenty one percent of women now I think it's almost 90 women here so that's nice nice to see there so thank you thank you again and congratulations for the effort I did

about me you don't know me I'm not a jungle developer not a Python developer I am a PHP developer I work sometimes with node 2 I also don't have a degree in women's studies or through pology all of this is my own interest in the subject I have

a passion to attack in technology I am majoring digital game development but I don't work with God I'm a web developer as a sad and are usually in my spare time I play with Legos I have like twenty five thousand pieces so yeah yeah that's a lot

I know a little way a little overboard on that but there's this new Lego set there's a kwik-e-mart from simpsons i want to buy it but trying not it's hard but let's see so what do you expect from from this talk I want to talk about diversity

and how biased gainfully she knows our decisions and what do I mean like a girl some companies diversity ports and how diversity is important to a company in some initiatives that are they're made and to some or sponsored by other companies I don't

want to talk about how one gender is different from another that's not what this is about and this is about how both genders working together can make a better by the workplace so diversity when I was a teenager in my biology class one of the few things

I learned because I'm not really gone in biology was that about DNA diversity you see species that have the most diverse DNA have better chance of survival you can see that in bacteria for instance where they can appropriate other DNA from other bacterias

to improve their own survivability although this isn't not 100-percent analogy I think the idea is the same the more diverse you are the more chance you have to do something great you have different types of diversity you have gender diversity you have

ratio in jada and don't just mean me or female have a lot of transgender transgender people too and ethnic diversity also sexually intentional diversity I was at apple store last year and I saw a girl working there I think she was modeling she was isn't

that hijab it I think that's the name and I thought that's awesome because they're not discriminating her because she's female and not in not because of her religion it's just just working there like anyone else and i think that's that's

great because you're not limited limiting some more on in what they believe or what they are but in what they can do to help you that's I think that's the thing that people should look for what you can do is to achieve to help you improve bias

is the will have it it's it's the no notion that what we believe that people shouldn't or shouldn't do we have the set of parameters that we be through a life experience and sometimes if a person doesn't feel the parameters you get like

confrontational or even get anger hurt someone or get some kind of hatred this and it is in a fundamental level what prejudice is like you get your bias can cause you're prejudiced and this pre concise concepts that they may determine your act your actions

so even though you think you have any any prejudice you may be discriminating someone because they are fat or because they are old and you don't even notice it you just do it without noticing some sometime ago someone I noticed that people wouldn't

sit down to me on the train at the time I was weighing way more than I do today but because I was fat nobody would sit down next to me on the train and I noticed when I lost weight that people not sit down next to me but I don't think they were like I'm

not going to sit next to the fat girl I think maybe they didn't but ok some people don't even think and you can maybe do that people of color or people from other religions for instance and it's sometimes it's so deep inside us that it meets

beads guys as a compliment you know you're pretty competent for a developer girl the person who said that I was trying to make a compliment but why because I'm a developer girl I can you don't find that out I'm not good enough to be competent

what do you mean so all because of data is this project for harder harvard university called Project simplicity they research the gap between intentions and actions by measure the response time between proposed situations for instance they have a task that

you can't ahhh you can measure the gender versus science to see where your Allah your inclinations are so they put a couple words that are female or male Erica boards that are science or liberal arts and you have to associate them and according to your

time response you want they will see you they will tell you how a line you are for instance these are the kind of test data they have that I have a lot more just this is the one that fits this life and I give this last one and did this talk last year and I

did this test today again and this were my results last year I I were more inclined to the six percent of the population that he did that's test I had more associated more women to science than female with the mail there is some explanation for that in

my case for instance I studying some since I was 12 in high school it where stem area where more focus so we had a lot of women there so for me it's more natural to have more women but for the majority of people it is and how this is what you can see to

the 26 and 28 percent of the majority that associates men if science than women and today I did the test again and I was like yay I got the neutral position that's what usually should be everyone should be that one it shouldn't have any kind of association

between Jane Eyre or in academic domains but I think that's smart because I am more involved in community now more aware of people's needs so you kind of get sensitive to to what people can say and you you change that I think if you care you're

ill you start to change so why I like a girl this has something to do with a story that happened to me two years ago I was working in a company that's why I bought so many Legos I they made me work like 16 hours a day and when i get home i didn't want

even to look at a computer i just wanted to do something that have enough to do a computer so like us and we were having this problem it affect about sixty percent of her customer base and the problem involved money so every time they're probably loves

money a lot of people get running after you for you to solve and my colleague was working who was responsible for fixing because this was a part of the project that only he had work I didn't have any knowledge of it so every five minutes someone would

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