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okay welcome everyone it's really nice to see so many people here again more than last year more than the year before and today I'm not going to talk about technical stuff that I won't talk about quality why because you are all using symphony or

silex I suppose hopefully and but why why I walking with symphony or why are walking with a framework in general why probably because you want your development to some kind of quality right that's probably something that is important for you and you want

to develop quality code not because you like quality for just the quality of the code but because you want to be able to maintain the code over a long period of time because you want to be able to evolve the code easily so quality is not the goal quality is

just a way to get more out of Joe code so obviously i'm talking about software quality here so when i started to work on this presentation and i went to wikipedia and this is a very small portion of what talking about when the definition of quality i'm

not going to read the definition because if you are reading it right now you can see that it's quite complex and frankly i don't really understand what they are talking about so anyway so today I want to talk about quality and and and first we need

to define what is quality and so let me tell you a little story can you you know which lego it is right it's blue yeah but this is a logo for a software I mean yeah cannot nobody really hmm I have no idea myself because when I was looking for the logo

for the thing i'm going to talk about i stumble about this logo and so really no way and so I discovered this Lego when I was working on this presentation but if i switch to this one you probably know what i'm going to talk about pearl right and this

is the old logo because i'm getting older and older and apparently this is the new one doesn't make any sense but this is a new one I like the camel a lot more but anyway so when I started to code for the web the first language I used was not PHP actual

post pill and I work for perhaps ten years we spill so I have more experience with pearl than I have with PHP actually even if if you ask me to write something in perl i will i'll be able to write anything and if i read some / code nowadays I just doesn't

make any sense to me anymore and when talking about pearl the first thing that you stumble upon is Sipan don't even remember what it do ya cream is for compressive pearl archive network something this is a place where you can get libraries like composer

nowadays in PHP or / some time ago so / ISM is a way to is a library of a lot of poor libraries and applications and stuff like that there are thousands of libraries in this event and at some point I wanted to contribute back something to pearl and so it was

my first experience with open source actually and this is H where you can find everything I've contributed to to pearl so it is getting quite old as you can see the last time I did something with phil was in 2005 a long time ago and of course when you

decide to open source something you want the code that you open source to be of good quality right this is you are giving something to the world and you want it to be perfect right so what do you do in peach in pearl there is something named the pedestrian

project quality right and they have a list of indicators things that you can do to improve the quality of the library you are submitting to the Pearl network right so that the first step are quite quite easy to get right so you need to read me file quite easy

to to achieve you need to create an archive that you can actually extract from you need to try to manifest some other yellow files opportune if we have yellow support in PHP and in Symphony that's because y ml is quite popular in in Perl and then if you

have all those stuff right you have a rank amongst all the other libraries right so so the maximum is don't remember 80 or 90 or something and then based on the number of quality metrics we get right you have ranking and even nowadays aeronca is not that

bad I was much higher in the past but the thing is they kept adding more and more indicators and obviously I did not fix the things that they want they want me to fix so I'm not that I anymore and I think that the thing that got right is the the fact that

it's kind of gamification of the quality right you want to get I our school so you have an incentive to actually improve the code you are working on and I think that that's quite important because us at the time when you want to improve the quality

of your software and you go to your manager and you say I think the quality is bad for this part of the code and I want to improve the code muscle turn the project manager don't see the value of doing that you are not adding a new feature you are not improving

what the user is is seen screen or how he interacts with your software you are just improving what's done in the background all right so it kind of a difficult sell when you want to improve the software in when you have not and unlimited budget to do so

I wanted to also talk about something really interesting about curl so the last time I modified a pearl library was in 2005 8 years ago and during the last eight years a large number of new perversions and were released but interestingly enough as you can

see even with the latest version of my library still work so the test still pass right which means that the backward compatibility in the pearl world is really top-notch right we can't say the same thing in PHP unfortunately okay and so so this is the

test so they invented a lot of things before everyone else so this is kind of like Travis or Jenkins that we have nowadays in in PHP but they are the same thing nor 15 years ago actually in the pair world so the quality is about you know being able to extract

the archive having a relief I or stuff like that but that's that's just a small part of it the big part of it is having unit tests actually and unit tests that actually cover a large portion of the object of the code base and curl that is quite easy

to write test code even if you know nothing about Pearl I think you can understand what's going on here on the screen right so i'm saying i'm using perl i'm saying here that i'm going to have some test one test actually and then i'm

checking that one plus one is actually equal to two right pretty simple and unit testing was really easy and is really easy with pearl and i think that's a big selling point also if you want to write some unit test it it needs to be simple enough that

you actually make effort to write some tests and the first thing the very first thing i wanted to do when I switch to PHP was to put what I what I did into a / world to PHP so I opened a per account and I did nothing with it because at first I thought that

the pearl library was really like the sea pen but that that's not the case so I didn't even bother about about that but the the first contribution I did and the first thing I walked on was lying the port of tests more the testing library just shown

you some code on the screen and lime was trade port from this testing library to PHP and because I wanted to test the code was with was working on in PHP and even if it's not maintained anymore I think there is a lot of bad lines till nowadays and actually

I've created a lime repository on get at some times ago it's not it's not public yet but I want to get back to Lyme at some point because I think if lower it lowers the barrier of entry of testing and that's something that I really think is

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