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okay so welcome everyone thanks for coming to my session saturday i'm not going to talk about symphony or any other of my open source software today i want to talk about PHP and why you would want to look beyond PHP itself so why so i'm going to share

my experience and why i think that you as a web developer i think most of your web developers actually should look beyond PHP why it is important and why I think this is actually part of the job so I'm a web developer myself but this is actually not my

job and actually have no degree in computer science but I've been programming for the last 25 years because programming is my passion right and I think that this is how it should be being a good web developer is more passion than an job and if if being

a web developer is just another job for you I think you are going to be in trouble at some point and why because the web ecosystem evolves at a very fast pace and so in the old days probably the first half of the last decade developing a web application was

actually quite easy you had to learn some PHP probably some my sequel and some HTML and that was it right so and of course Austin such a website was really simple really straightforward you just needed to install my sequel Apache PHP and and you're done

and you can also transform from the many many different osteen companies and that provides the same for a very cheap the price so it was a time where you had limited choices and a majority of people chose the exact same stack right the famous nom stack linux

apache mysql and PHP the bad news is that most of the time this is not true anymore because the web is becoming more and more complex and you had to learn more and more different technologies to build even the simplest website so yeah this is what developers

nowadays and so why is it more complex than before because you want to scale websites easily there are many more people on the web nowadays you won't benefit from the latest technologies available the current best practices so it was a jacked some years

ago it is WebSockets nowadays rich clients also with JavaScript the possibility to endure more than one devices and the dev ops movement and and so on so many many many different things so we are now in a world where you need more techniques you need more

software and even for the simplest websites and I think it's not going to stop quite the contrary actually and by the way that's why I love doing web development because you know it's great to be part of the web revolution everything's changes

all the time so you can and you probably should try to learn something new every single day really and this is really exciting but you know finding good information finding what will be relevant in the coming month in the coming years is not that easy so finding

what you want to learn next is not an easy task and rainy session we try to give you some guidelines so that you have some selling points so as you can imagine and innovation happens everywhere not only in PHP community I'm even going to say that PSP is

probably not the best language not the language where the most exciting stuff are opening right now and that's why it's even more important for you to have a look at other communities other languages other ecosystems and how do they solve the problem

we are also facing in PHP is it possible to benefit from their solutions and of course open source really apps here it has never been easier to have a look you know look at other software or lettuce or libraries and I have a look at the code have a look at

that documentation I've look at how they have implemented their solution but first and this is the very first step before looking beyond PHP of course you need to master PHP itself and so you really need to be sure that you know the basics of PHP and PHP

is actually complex Beast it has many many many features and i must confess that i'm still learning PHP on an everyday basis i'm still learning new stuff on you know a regular basis and i'm not talking about new features for a new PSP version i'm

talking about things that i've been spotted by PHP for quite a long time let me take two very simple examples the first one this Levenstein function and how many of you know what it does yeah for five people it has been around since php4 right so this

is really all this is not a new feature of course you don't need to know about this function because you don't need to use this function that often but it's good to know that it actually exists and good to know what kind of problems it actually

solved so basically this function calculates the distance between two different words so the distance being the minimal number of characters you need to replace insert or delete a transformer string to another one how is it useful and symphony we are using

it to a developer when II made a typo on on a common line name for instance on the console as you can see here I have a type 1 install there is missing s and I have an error but the error gives you some suggestion about how you can fix the typo so this is

one of usage for the Levantine function and actually i'm also using it in the tweak on a twig website for the same purpose so if you go to twig dash project org slash something the website will look for a tag function filter name after the word you have

typed so here it's not extended extends and as you can see there is narrow but it says did you mean extends so this is another example of course it's also being used on the website itself and also by get on the console and that's how I

got inspiration actually for our features a nun tweakin and symphony please this is the first one and if you have the same problem now you know that there is something in in PHP that you can use for for that okay so this is another one how many of you know

about this function okay ten people perhaps that this one is really important you must you should know what it does it's really useful when you are trying to debug a script of course you it's not really required for you to notice function if you are

not doing object oriented programming but you know I think everyone does hopefully and so let's X an example so this is a very simple script I'm creating two different objects right and if I want to and to know if two objects are actually the same

you can use this SPL ash object ash function so it returns a unique ash for a given object right be careful because the ash is quite long and the end of the ash is almost always the same so you need to have a look in the middle of the ash to be sure that it

is actually same object or not so this is really useful so it's also bad new features we have in PHP or in the upcoming PSP version so Pete p 4 was released I don't remember some month ago now so how many of you have already looked at the trade support

we have now in pp5 that form so again 10 people not that much actually and so even if you have you are not going to use PHP file for any time soon I think it's quite important for innovations in PHP of course it does not make sense to have a look at innovations

in other languages and other frameworks if you don't care about innovation we have in PHP actually this is quite cool and yeah if you don't do that then don't even look beyond PHP so to sum up this first part of the talk do yourself a favor and

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