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Simplifica tus tests en el navegador con CSS Critic

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Thanks having you I'm going to talk about happiness and about making your CSS happy and give me a few minutes to to tell you what I mean with that i'm a bit unsure about my audience today i had very very detailed questions around lunch so i've

tried to not dive too much tin to the details but also don't want to make it boring so do give me feedback early enough you'll see SS do you guys know whether your CSS is happy or if it's sad or maybe worse really really broken you guys know this

this is the acid test as a to test this is ie7 it might be a bad example but i wonder what i want to say is um do you guys are you guys really sure that the CSS you're developing is looking good and I like to just see hands who are you guys are you guys

really confident that what you're developing is really looking good on all browsers can I see some hands who's very confident who's confident who's confident just basic confident that it's working well what is developing somebody over there

so there should be a bit more people around here right because we're all professionals and we billing customers clients people of our work so it's kind of sad it makes me happy because it kind of motivates what I'm talking about today so we users

when we visit website we find out about problems right we see them and that could be something very simple see facebook or github as an example where there's a weird line break happening stuff like that we is it looks kind of unprofessional but we can

work with that then there's worse problems like a hot or something hovering over my elements I can't even see what's happening or maybe my papa I don't know if you can see that with the red arrows over there my whole my whole pop-up is not

really short they're showing so that that's not something I want or thankfully Elliot this morning is playing with the twitter feed he added a unique code 202 sorry 22 e which is forced right-to-left writing control code in Unicode everything that

follows our character forces the text to be rendered from right to left sounds stupid but if you write a rabbit for example which is a writing system from written from right to left this is a usual useful function well if you put it into your username so Elliot

cables username is a unicode character plus plus the string then everything but behind that is in the in the wrong order so you see Elliot cable and CSS conf retweeted you just wrong direction so I say do they really want to have that I think Twitter should

fix their their problem I think I think that's a problem and they might not even be aware of that so and to tell you one story of my past I've been on teams where I kind of inherited the front end role I don't believe in roles i think we people

should have multiple abilities but some teams they were like old-school developers you're going to just be a front end guy well old-school developers are good they have all the testing tools they know what they're doing on the team i went on i had

to do the CSS and the HTML and I kept it kept breaking all the time and nobody found out it took some time it was not I don't believe it was because I was bad it was just I didn't have the tools for the job to make sure that stuff I developed was still

working two weeks later with somebody else change something so what I think what's kind of missing is a safety net I hope I kind of motivated why we need something like that I showed you a few two examples where it breaks this was my revelation after a

few weeks on the job it's like I don't have a safety net all my other developers have a safety net if they write Java they have tools and basically CSS exists since forever and we don't have so far don't really know how to test it talking a

bit about being professional it's a bit loaded term what I want to say is we all I think all people sitting here do wonder you guys want to give maximum you want to do the best and give the quality the best quality to your clients and customers but CSS

is getting much more complex by the year we're adding more features luckily where we are very happy four colors and HSV and stuff but it's getting more complex we are we now have responsive design that means that mobile phone that tab that computer

the pages are getting larger and smarter and nicer more devices and multiple browsers I don't know how you guys do do that but if you chase something do you guys visit all the 20 devices that you should look good on possibly not and even if it might break

anytime and it you won't possibly recheck every every time testing testing is a solution to that problem software developers have had tooling for a long time I'm kind of sorry I'm very bad as sketching my handwriting is awful but what I want to

show here is very example web stack maybe you guys have something similar there is a UI on top it's written in CSS HTML there's some JavaScript that does something that we rearrange the Dom does something and there's then client logic below that

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