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La increíble historia detrás de los colores de CSS

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how about like Sexton my talk is on CSS colors specifically the named ones and I know we deep dive into a lot of technical stuff a lot so I wanted to deep dive into some history so there's not a lot of code in this talk but hopefully you find it pretty

interesting I do the colors black and white I realized that's a mistake now what are they Webster's dictionary defines a color as so I was going to do the Webster's dictionary defines joke but I didn't have to because this is a real website

for the Webster's dictionary and it's pretty it's the worst website I've ever been to so that's the real joke stay in school so color it says is a quality such as red blue green yellow etc that you see when you look at something so now

that we have that background what's x11 can't really understand what x11 is without understanding a few other things first namely letters and numbers we're more specifically a letter and a number of which the set is x + 1 X 11 is this sweet gooey

I haven't actually read what's on that screen I hope it's cool X set seems it seems very relevant that was on purpose the colors here it looked like various greys maybe a black or to the the teal looking color is a light C green MIT specifically

the MIT Media Lab was pretty infiltrated with like a bunch of companies in Boston at the time namely Deccan Tektronix so you'll see a lot of those people show up but MIT Media labs where it's at that's where X was created so the first colors show

up in RGB txt in actually x10 so if anyone tries to call x11 colors they're absolutely right but you could like undermine them and tell them well actually the colors come from x10 r3 it's not as catchy so 1987 was actually the first release august

18th 1987 i think i was two months old at the time there were 69 colors in RGB txt and when i first wrote the slides for this no one really knew the original author of the RGB txt file but since then the x.org organization reached out to me and let me know

that it was jim gettys so thanks x.org sweet fix for my presentation there are 138 entries because well at the time because they did a camel case and lower case spaced as well because of course you would they were listed in mostly alphabetical order and they

were tuned for the deck VT 240 serious terminals that is one it looks very green that's because the color they were using there was green and that was it so March 24th 1988 seven months after the first release very close to my birthday its March 13th for

those of you with pens and paper was a huge release for colours we added three new colors brown gray and gray and you you may be thinking that sounds a lot like a law firm but these were the colors in x11 r2 and you may also be thinking hey that brown looks

red and are those Gray's the same color the brown is very red and those Gray's are the same color gray spelled both ways was intentionally added because some programmers at HP couldn't remember which one was right for the record in the States it's

a and in England it's ESO America and England they start with the right letter for for you this is all domestic at the time though so it should have probably never made it in yeah so update literally this morning five hours ago when I put this slide again

so maybe ten hours now chrome blink added all the ease it traditionally didn't work in browsers this happened this is new history this morning literally this morning you can now use geo re UI more of that I thought they should have done this though if

you're going to go for it go all the way so October 27 1988 was released three there are a hundred and one variants of gray added this is my 101 dalmatians joke slide very cruel Cruella Corolla whatever the hundred and one variants of gray were suggested

and added by mark mores this was he was from the University of Toronto September 3rd 1988 was when he was added I didn't go back to find this picture this is the picture that he currently has on his current site the hundred and one Gray's were gray

zero gray one grade to grade three I have some more slides they were in this very clear 3-2 interval you know 3 5 8 10 13 15 18 sorry I thought the intervals were funny except for that a month and a half later I don't know why it took so long but a month

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