CSSConf US 2014

Cómo aplicar perspectiva a tus diseños con CSS

Evangelina Ferreira  · 


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I'm here to talk about perspective and I seen today's talk and I kind of feel like my knee a little bit silly but hopefully you'll find it interesting so i'm going to introduce myself and a really good drubbing grower I try very well so I web

designer like most people here and i teach web design and in university also community manager at that part of university that's really fun and well I have these ACA a visual communication with other Photoshop this exam and then I go google adwords 35

on way to thing about me I'm a coffee addict I drink a lot of coffee I'm one of those harry potter crisis pants that dress like harry potter from time to time so and now let's go with perspective so what we must wonder is what is perspective and

we're going to look into the dictionary this we find this the perspective come from letting perspex Syria it means to see through and it's an approximate representation on a flat surface such as paper or our computer of an image at a system by the

eye I don't know if any of you have a study and television or something like that there's always by white balance a lot of things because everything with you on TV your wee-wee seen on the screen is never liked the icy seeds the ice is with live in

the screen there's no left so now we can create it with CSS so basically perspective have three elements those are point of sight horizontal line vanishing point those are things of graphics to not really CSS so the pontiff site is something like this

is the point to which and the eye of the observer is supposed to be directed well he looks so if we are sitting down we have a different point of sight and if we are standing we have another different and there's this the horizontal line and which is also

known at the horizon which are symbols that horizon-- or boundary the line that seems to part the ocean or grin from the sky from in the shown in line so this could be this as well and it's determine I but the point of sight which is determined by the

real or supposed vision of the beware so if we are sitting down or we are standing it will change and the vanishing point is not this movie but it's something different and is the point on the horizon which receiving lines of the perspective converge it

could be one or more than one and this is Campbell day or two but in this one for example is only one and it's always on the horizontal line so they could be using photography as well we have the vanishing point in the middle we see that every line goes

to that point and there's kind of a golden rule we must listen to that says the upshot of drone a smaller as a decent from the observing increases that means that we can make em funny photo apps such as this one or even funnier this one so you can go and

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