CSSConf US 2014

Algunas ideas para aprovechar CSS al máximo

Jenn Schiffer  · 


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when I was asked to NC I've never done this before and I actually as I mentioned before never been to CSS comp for CSS conference so I was really excited to come and and I was trying to think like well how would I end such a great like group of speakers

and and I don't know I just I feel really inspired and and I was going to talk about like my wish list for like what I want in the future is CSS but I realized I feel like we've tapped out CSS as a language I think we've done it all and I my backgrounds

started in academia and then I worked in sports media tech at the NBA and a couple of the main thing I learned from working in those industries is how to monetize things so I figure like instead of talking about like what i want for CSS i would give you some

of my ideas on how maybe we should monetize CSS so that's what i'm going to talk about and so I have a I have a couple ideas bear with me they might sound a little crazy but like I was going over my slides before and now I'm sorry to think like

you know what I think I've got like a good couple of ideas rolling and what better place in CSS confer we have all these great minds here that work at really cool places that can make decisions and make these things happen and who here would think it's

a cool idea if we all made more money yeah so important is the first thing I want to talk about originally my wish list or CSS is to get rid of important important causes me a lot of stress and it probably does for you especially when you pull in third party

libraries that have CSS files and they used important on all of them and you know it's a pain the butt but like instead of getting rid of it like we could just make it harder for people to use by monetizing it like and so like how can we monetize in Horton's

like what is important it's like some weird like social construct that we can totally take advantage of so I said I propose that we introduce some politics and bureaucracy into important so like we can create the sort of like government of CSS politicians

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