Big Ruby 2014

Gestión de proyectos basada en pequeñas tareas

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alright thank you very much I hope you guys are enjoying the conference as much as I am I think the organizers and sponsors and other speakers and hackers and residents and volunteers have all done a really great job the speakers in particular I think it's

it's really hit home it's almost like many of them have been sitting in the meeting rooms that I man in my office talking about rewriting our jobs processor and getting fed up with data warehousing and things like that so so it's a really great

conference I'm really happy to be here so that's the little dude that looks like me and lives in my house he's about 14 months old and just started walking about two weeks ago so that's both very exciting and extremely terrifying all at the

same time so he's a little dude and he's trying to get big so this is a great moment an exciting time for you and your team the blank slate when you have a ton of big ideas in your head and we have a lot of tools that help us get started quickly and

move fast lots of small things happening very fast very few hurdles to get over to make things happen and just as a reminder at this point in time your test suite takes one and a half seconds to run so so your team is moving fast you're building small

things you're building them quickly it's really exciting but things start to change you start getting more users you get more visibility you'll get more funding on more servers more and more and more things get bigger and bigger and bigger and

all of a sudden sorry I'm going to skip over that all of a sudden things get really really big and if you are in an enterprising company the one I work in you have a whole new level of bigness to deal with things like this and when I was trying to come

up with this slide I was like what's the biggest heaviest most cumbersome thing that I could possibly put on the slide and enterprise governance one I think enterprise governance is is is the kind of thing you could play a practical joke on another team

that doesn't know you by just going to one of their meetings and sitting in the back and furiously taking notes and when they when they try to talk to you just tell them you're from enterprise governments so not all of these things are bad there is

some good in everything on that screen but dealing with these big things can keep you up at night so a lot of times I'll wake up at 3am thinking about is our background job process or going to be able to handle the load today is it time to start thinking

about database shorting and all of those big things have to be thought about and have to be dealt with but there's a lot of small things that are still going on that we should celebrate and really work to focus on my name is bj Ellen and I had the privilege

for working at a privilege of working at Sabre just up the road I work on an app called TripCase trip case is here to help you take better trips and i love that tagline because every everybody wants to feel relaxed and in control and in the know when it comes

to traveling you want to be the person who gets a notification on your phone that your flights gate has changed and you stand up knowingly and look back at all the suckers that don't know what's going on and head off to your new gate that's what

trip case is here to help you with I've been writing code for just under 10 years on this is what I did before that I was a middle school and high school band director austin and round rock and i wish i'd had better photographers at the time my undergraduate

degrees in music education from the University of Texas at Austin hookem horns Thank You Aggies and and this is a guy who had a big impact on the way I think about human behavior this is dr. Bob Duke he is the director for the center of music learning at the

University of Texas at Austin and I remember one of the first classes that I had with you in educational psychology and methods he draws this up on the board and he says as teachers it's our responsibility to set up an environment where feedback happens

at very frequent intervals and very low magnitude and he talks about this he says you know as an example what's the worst thing you could possibly do well the worst thing is you have a college course that has a midterm and a final and they're both

fifty percent of your grade so that's pretty stressful there's a lot of anxiety involved in that you go for you know it's a 15-week course you go for seven and a half weeks and you hit this first midterm you haven't had any feedback up to that

point and now you have this big heavy gigantic thing that you have to deal with so this peak is maybe 2 a.m. the night before that where anxiety and stress are at their highest and you barely pass that midterm so what does that mean well that means going into

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