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El software libre no es para cualquiera, pero debería serlo

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so sorry I just got sick like last night this morning so if there's a lot of coughing or excessive water drinking that is why so um my name is ash I'm a programmer most people here probably know me because of my diversity advocacy work that I do in

the Ruby community but I've been a programmer for about the past 13 years 11 of that has been in open source communities for the past four or five years I've been pretty solidly planted in the Ruby community so a lot of my work kind of revolves around

what we can do better is a ruby community what I've learned from other communities and kind of the good stuff that we have well we can export other places so I'm a stride and pretty much everywhere on the internet feel free to ask me questions later

if you like so I'm very lucky that the internet is actually my employer which is a really weird thing to say like a bunch of anonymous strangers I saw people way so thank you a bunch of anonymous strangers basically pay my salary to be able to go and do

this stuff and one of the companies has kind of stepped up to sponsor a lot of fun worth the series fendi works it's a rails and Ruby consultancy in Madison and they gave me a bunch of these cute little software craftsmanship notebooks so come and talk

to me later and I'll give you some so the reason that I do this i really like solving hard problems that's probably the reason that i became a programmer in the first place and after being a programmer for so long i can tell you that the hardest problem

are always the people problems it's the problems that people bring when they write software the problems that people bring when they're trying to work together to write software so a lot of my work lately is focused on this so why do I do this well

I love open source software I love that the ability for anybody to kind of come in and make something amazing and be able to have it shared with a lot of other people I love that we can collaborate around the world on a tiny bit of code and that's really

cool now something a lot of other people and other professions get to kind of have their hands in but also believe that the software rewrite today is a reflection of the people who wrote it so the more different kinds of people we have involved the better

our software will be so I my work specifically focuses at getting more different kinds of people to be coming to our events to be working at our companies and to be contributing to our software so what is open-source look like now well unfortunately it's

largely homogeneous the vast majority of the people that contribute to open source look very the same they come from very similar backgrounds and something that we have to keep in mind when we're writing things is that we're not the only ones using

our software there are a lot of experts that are coming to the table and you know picking up our stuff using it but it's also governments that are picking up you know new things it's cools its students who are brand new to writing software you're

using software that are picking our stuff up too so we have to keep that in mind while we're writing it so like I said the community is very homogenous if we look at specifically the contributors to open source only 1.5 for son of all of them are women

it's an extremely low number considering about twenty to twenty four percent of our community is women so we should expect to see at least 10 x 10 times this number for the people that are contributing to our software now as far as other marginalized groups

go people of color LGBTQ people people who don't speak english as a first language people with different disabilities we have no idea we the groups are small enough and unfortunately the funding is so specific to women that we just don't write down

any of these other attributes we're not pulling people to figure out you know what the representation is like for these other groups so why is it so low there are a lot of different factors that contribute to this and I'm just going to kind of glanced

over them briefly I do have a blog post that I have in the resources that you can check out if you want to dig a little bit more into each of these things so the first one is time and this is probably the hardest one because it's not something that we

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